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Sample Prices to Rent a Hydraulic Lift

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You may need an aerial lift for a variety of applications, including working on overhead cables, construction projects, shipping, filmmaking, and automotive work. These lifts work on both hydraulic and pneumatic power, with hydraulic lifts being the more popular choice due to their versatility and the fact that they're easier to use and service.

The cost to buy a hydraulic lift is significant. If you have a regular need, you'll likely deem it worth the cost. However, if you have only the occasional job, or even a single job, that needs an aerial lift, you may find it more cost efficient to rent one.

Pros of Hydraulic Lifts #

You can use a hydraulic lift as a work platform as well as for moving heavy equipment. You find a wide variety of hydraulic-powered lifts, including mezzanine, carousel, scissor, two-post, and four-post lifts. If you have difficulty moving a vehicle or piece of heavy equipment, a hydraulic lift works for this application, as well.

Typically, a hydraulic lift is categorized by its weight capacity. As this also affects price, choose a lift that meets your needs, but don't worry about renting a unit with significantly higher weight capacity than your job requires. However, don't choose a list with an upper capacity exactly equal to your needs. For example, if you know you're working with 500 pounds, don't choose a lift with a weight capacity up to 500 pounds. Instead, look for the next size up for optimum operation.

Points to Consider Before Renting a Hydraulic Lift #

  • Type of hydraulic lift: There are different types of hydraulic lifts, including scissor lifts, carousel lifts, and boom lifts. Which type you rent depends on your particular needs. To help determine your needs, discuss your project with each vendor for recommendations.
  • Transportation: Determine with the vendor whether the lift will be delivered to you, and the charge for delivery. You also want to make sure you have means of transporting the lift and whether it mounts on a vehicle or trailer.
  • Filtering: Understand how the hydraulic fluid is filtered to determine how the supplier ensures that the component does not leak or get damaged. This is also an indicator of how well the hydraulic lift is serviced. Determine the necessary precautions and steps that you need to follow to prevent any damage to the lift and allow for smooth operation.
  • Height: Height is one of the main factors determining the rental price. As with weight capacity, know how your height needs to ensure you get a machine that handles your needs, but don't pay for more than you need.

Sample Prices to Rent a Hydraulic Lift #

Rental prices on this equipment vary widely due to the fact that there are so many different types of lifts, as well as the various capacities within each of those lift types.

Factors that influence rental price include:

  • Geographical location
  • How long you need to rent the lift
  • Manufacturer
  • Rental provider
  • Type of lift
  • Working height

Despite all of these variables, we can provide some estimates to give you an idea of rental costs:

Type of LiftAverage Daily RateAverage Weekly RateAverage Monthly Rate
Boom lift$350$850$1,900
Scissor lift$125$350$750
Reach forklift$350$900$2,100
Cherry picker$400
Personnel lift$150$500
Towable boom lift$350$700
Telescopic boom lift$500$1,300

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