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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Scissor Lift?

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What You Should Know About Scissor Lift Rental #

Scissor lifts are aerial work platforms specially designed to lift people and equipment for work performed above ground level. Unlike other types of lifts, such as towable lifts and cherry pickers, scissor lifts can only reach lower heights. However, they have large, sturdy platforms, which simultaneously accommodate people and heavy work tools.

These lifts are used for a variety of reasons, from out on the job site to performing maintenance inside the warehouse or dock. However, if you only have need of a scissor lift for a short period, the price to purchase one, no matter how necessary, is prohibitive. Luckily, you can rent one instead.

Pros of Using Scissor Lifts #

A scissor lift may have extending bridges or it may move vertically, providing easy access to working areas and when moving work equipment. Their large, sturdy platforms have a lift capacity of up to 50 tons. Furthermore, these platforms offer wider working areas, meaning that the person working does not waste time repositioning the lift, as well as enjoying a safer working environment. Scissor lifts are versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be used in a range of applications and are easy to transport and set up.

Points to Consider Before Renting a Scissor Lift #

  • Working height: Your first consideration is how high you need to go. Typically, scissor lifts rise to relatively low heights, ranging between 10 and 60 feet, with higher prices for higher lifts. Understanding your height requirement is important to get the best lift and price.
  • Working conditions and applications: You need ample information about the unit itself, including how to set it up and any special operating instructions. You also need to consider logistical factors such as accessibility to work area, available power, and underfoot conditions.
  • Usage: Always determine the kind of job you want the scissor lift for. This enables the rental provider to provide the best system for your needs.
  • Type of scissor lift: There are three basic lift engine types to choose from: battery operated, exterior diesel powered, or hydraulic. It is important that you discuss your needs with the rental facility so that they can recommend the best lift for your task.

Price Comparison of Scissor Lift Rental #

When renting a scissor lift, first determine whether you need a large lift or a small lift. Large scissor lifts come with a higher rental price than smaller scissor lifts. The work terrain also influences the rental price. Typically, rough terrain scissor lifts are more expensive to rent than indoor scissor lifts. Finally, some brands are more expensive to rent than others are. To budget appropriately, compare brands and look at rental prices and quotes from different distributors.

Though prices vary widely, we do have some basic estimates on what you can expect to pay. These units can be rented either by the hour, day, week or month, each of which comes with different costs. Longer periods are relatively cheaper, making it important to opt for a weekly or monthly rate rental if you know you'll be using the lift for more than a day or two.

The following table offers more detailed pricing based on scissor lift height.

Type of EquipmentDaily PriceWeekly PriceMonthly Price
12' Electric Scissor Lift$100-150$300-400$700-800
19' Electric Scissor Lift$150-200$350-500$900-1,200
32' Electric Scissor Lift$200-250$400-600$1,400-1,500
32' Diesel Scissor Lift$270-300$470-700$1,500-2,000

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