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Price Comparison of Towable Lift Rental

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Understanding Towable Lifts and How to Rent Them #

A towable lift is like any other aerial lift, with the added ability to tow the machine behind your vehicle. Aerial lifts have a variety of applications for both commercial and residential use, including cleaning windows, trimming trees, working on overhead utilities, or performing other construction.

If you do not have regular need for a towable lift, or need it only for a single job, the cost of purchasing one is prohibitive. However, you can rent the machine for anything from a few hours to a month at a time.

Price Comparison of Towable Lift Rental #

A variety of factors enter into the rental price of any aerial lift, including power source, platform height, weight capacity, and environmental fees. In addition, the type of towable lift plays a role, such as cherry picker, boom lift, or scissor lift. Look carefully at each of these items with every vendor and distributor you talk to while comparing units and pricing.

Vendors offer rental periods at hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rates (though dealers vary as to whether they offer hourly or monthly). Generally, the rental prices for towable aerial lifts range from approximately $365 to $450 per day, $975 to $1,200 per week, and $2,300 to $2,750 per month. Pricing estimates include:

35 ft. Battery Pwr. Towable Boom, 410-1010Towable boom lift has a motion alarm to alert nearby pedestrians
  • The 500 lb. platform includes common air and water hookups to increase productivity
  • Accessory mounting tray offers room to hold any necessary equipment
  • Telematics
  • Mobile access management
  • $365.00/day
  • $975.00/week
  • $2,300.00/month
50 ft. Battery Pwr. Towable Boom, 410-1030Auto-leveling hydraulic outriggers facilitate quick on-site setup
  • Towable boom lift rental with four 6V 220 Ah batteries provides sufficient power for extended use
  • Boom swings more than 360 degrees for improved versatility
  • Telematics
  • Mobile access management
  • $450.00/day
  • $1,200.00/week
  • $2,750.00/month

What Are the Benefits of a Towable Lift? #

The ease of transporting a towable lift is one of its top features. Simply mount it to a trailer chassis and tow it behind any vehicle with a class 2 or 3 trailer hitch. If you don't need to move the lift around once you have it on the job site, it makes a good choice and is typically more economical. This is due to the fact that self-propelled lifts have more complicated machinery.

Like other aerial lifts, towable models come in varying heights and platform sizes, with either electric motors or gas-powered engines. Users appreciate the equipment's hydraulic outriggers, which provide self-leveling, making setup quick and easy.

Points to Consider Before Renting a Towable Lift #

  • Platform height: Towable lifts come in varying heights, and this is typically the greatest indicator of rental price. Before renting, take the time to ascertain your needs to ensure (1) that you choose a machine that meets your needs and (2) don't pay for more machine than you need.
  • Transportation: Since you need a class 2 or 3 hitch, make sure you have a vehicle capable of towing the machine. If not, choose a vendor who offers delivery, making sure to determine the cost of delivery before signing any contract.
  • Easy to setup: Setup time varies by model, so compare to make sure you choose a unit that both meets your needs and saves you time. After all, you're paying for it.
  • Power source: Don't choose an electric-powered lift if your job site doesn't have access to a power source. In addition, avoid gas-powered machines for indoor work. If you rent a gas-powered machine and your job site is remote, make sure to carry ample fuel to complete your job.

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