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Understand the Cost of ESI Phone Systems for Your Business

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About Phone Systems #

Estech Systems, Inc, better-known as ESI, is an industry leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing business phone systems. The company's focus is providing innovative, power, flexible, easy-to-use, and cost-effective products.

This approach is well-exemplified by ESI's lineup of business phone systems, which utilize a single Communications Server. The single Server is a powerful tool that can be a traditional business phone system, an IP phone system, or any combination of the two. Best of all, the exact mix of technology that your business requires can be changed to keep up with your growth and changing needs.

Each ESI Communication Server office phone system combines multiple systems into a single unit that can handle such functions as voice mail, automated attendant (six levels, 100 branches), messages-on-hold, caller ID, automatic call distribution, and intelligent call forwarding. An ESI Communication Server business phone system is additionally capable of supporting more advanced, optional features, including the Windows-based VIP (Visually Integrated Phone), ESI Presence Management, ESI Media Management, ESI Bluetooth Voice Integration, and VoIP telephony.

ESI recognizes that your business needs powerful technology, but also that anyone should be able to use it. That's why all ESI office phone systems feature the company's famous ease-of-use. Your phone system will teach you how to use and program it and offer custom help whenever you need it. This simplicity of use, combined with feature-richness, reduces user frustrations, boosts productivity, and lowers costs while helping you create a strong corporate brand.

ESI Phone System Option

Summary: ESI Phone System Pricing #

  • 12-key digital feature phone: around $125 each
  • 24-key digital feature phone: about $160 each
  • 48-key digital feature phone: approximately $200 each

ESI offers the following Communication Server phone systems:

ESI 50L Phone System #

  • 40 total stations
  • 32 digital stations
  • 8 analog stations
  • 16 central office lines
  • 56 call-processing ports
  • 4 voicemail ports (up to 15 voice storage hours)
  • 16 conference ports (supports up to 16 members/conference)
  • And much more
  • ESI 50L phone system cost approximately $500-$1,000

ESI 50 Phone System #

  • 52 total stations
  • 12 IP stations
  • 32 digital stations
  • 8 analog stations
  • 35 central office lines
  • 87 call-processing ports
  • 6 voicemail ports (up to 60 voice storage hours)
  • 16 conference ports
  • And much more
  • ESI 50 phone system cost around $1,000-$1,500

ESI 100 Phone System #

  • 72 IP stations
  • 48 digital stations
  • 28 analog stations
  • 42 central office lines
  • 108 call-processing ports
  • 8 voicemail ports (up to 140 hours voice storage)
  • 16 conference ports
  • And much more
  • ESI 100 phone system cost: approximately $1,500-$2,000

ESI 200 Phone System #

  • 192 total stations
  • 192 IP stations
  • 168 digital stations
  • 56 analog stations
  • 300 call-processing ports
  • 84 central office lines
  • Up to 24 voicemail ports (up to 600 voice storage hours)
  • 24 conference ports
  • And much more
  • ESI 200 phone system cost: around $2,500

ESI 600 Phone System #

  • 408 IP stations
  • 336 digital stations
  • 188 analog stations
  • 624 call processing ports
  • 168 central office lines
  • 32 voicemail ports (up to 1,200 hours voice storage)
  • 64 conference ports
  • And much more
  • ESI 600 phone system cost: approximately $3,500

ESI 1000 Phone System #

  • 816 IP stations
  • 504 digital stations
  • 384 analog stations
  • 1,128 call-processing ports
  • 240 central office lines
  • 128 voicemail ports (up to 1,200 hours voice storage)
  • 64 conference ports
  • And much more
  • ESI 1000 phone system cost: around $4,000

Please note that the above pricing information is for the base cabinets only. Additional features such as phones, expansion cabinets, memory modules, adaptors, port cards, and advanced VIP applications cost extra. Most vendors offer bundle packages that can save you money.


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