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How Much Does an Identity Access Management System Cost?

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People who work in any business need to have some type of ID to show they are who they say they are. It is even more vital to the health and financial well being of a business if an employee can only access those areas and documents for which he or she is cleared for. Laboratories especially have many horror stories about stolen works-in-progress which have been traded to a rival company for massive amounts of money. With an IAMS in place, confidential or very sensitive material should only be accessed by those who have the right credentials to open a door or a safe. This identity access management system safeguards the materials and can also ensure the safety of an employee should the need arise. Places where this technology is employed are banks, safes, laboratories and other places where very sensitive stuff is.

Benefits of identity access management system

  • Human beings have unique patterns on their eyes, fingerprints, shape of face and voices which are almost impossible to duplicate. Any of these characteristics can be used as a fail-safe identity management system
  • This system can potentially save companies billions of dollars each year by removing the availability of unauthorized people to visit a restricted place
  • No more lost or copied keys or passwords being exchanged or forgotten
  • Features cannot be completely duplicated

Disadvantages of identity access management systems

  • Accidents or loss of a limb throws the whole system out
  • Cosmetic procedures will give a false reading
  • Is still a major challenge for anywhere, including governments
  • Some systems are prohibitive in cost and time to implement
  • Can result in very bad combinations of access identity thus leaving the door open to fraud and worse
  • Sometimes a new employee is given the access to a higher security cleared employee due to simple  human error

What to look for when pricing identity access management systems

Businesses wanting to implement this system should first understand how it works, then choose the employees who need it. Only then should they consider all the available systems as possibilities. Budget is very important too. Some systems are top-of-the-line but may be too expensive for general use. Whether facial features, fingerprints, speech patterns or others are used, the technology needed to use them is extensive. Setting up the system can also take time which is valuable to everyone concerned. Backup systems are also necessary to be considered to cater for blackouts and other unforeseeable events.

Sample pricing for identity access management systems

These systems vary from system to system. A business that deals in selling a finished product perhaps would not need as secure a system as a bank or a lawyer's office. Systems that recognize facial features will cost much more than one which recognizes fingerprints. Many of these systems also reply on laser to make a ‘print' for the employee or take certain measurements of features. Fingerprints register the whorls and dips on a fingertip. Others take into consideration the color of eyes. Depending on whether a laser beam is used or a computer comparison will also depend on how costly the device is. Some sample prices are: $5,000 to $10,000 for a state of the art system.

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