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Unlock the True Cost of ADT Access Control for Your Business

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ADT Access Control Systems have successfully been protecting businesses for many years. Businesses have a lot of people in them during the day and are often left vacant at night. Inside, there is valuable machinery, computer equipment, and intellectual information that needs to be kept safe.

When a simple lock and key fails to suffice as good security, your business needs something more. You need an access control system. Many people like ADT as a top choice among access control system providers, as they have many years of expertise and competitive pricing. You may have some questions about the system specifics and the cost details of an ADT Access Control Systems. Here we elaborate on these aspects of the security system to answer many questions that you may have.

ADT Access Control Pricing

What Comes With an ADT Access Control System? #

The ADT access control system is so much more than a simple security alarm. It now offers your entire business access in the palm of your hand! Wireless controls tie in all the technology you have so you may access it via your cellphone, laptop, or tablet. 24/7 connection alerts allow your business an extra level of security, notifying you immediately if there is any breach in security.

ADT has tailored their security packages to suit all kinds of businesses, small and large. ADT Access Control looks out for your business with the help of their state of the art access control services, the latest equipment, and years of experience.

ADT Access Control Card System Features #

The access card system allows only authorized card holders inside the building and into other protected areas. Card holders swipe their access card in order to enter sensitive areas. Badging and keypad access increases security and keep track of employee movement.

ADT designs business access control systems that cater to your individual needs by installing seamless security systems. Close monitoring, lock controls, and access to the system are in the palm of your hand. The package includes installation of the access control system, monitoring service, and maintenance.

Installing an ADT Business Access Control System #

  • Protect your property - have monitoring at your fingertips
  • No more worries about intruders - install electronic gatekeepers to block free flow of unauthorized personnel effectively
  • Enhance security of sensitive areas by allowing access to exclusive staff
  • Deny entry to trespassers, thieves, and unwanted visitors using the highly sensitive motion sensors, camera monitoring service, and alarm systems
  • Control and secure information, data, assets, employees, and observe movement throughout the premises to detect any unusual activities
  • Access control system integration with other security systems such as CCTV, fire, and intruder alarms

The ADT Access Control Systems Common Locations #

  • Banking Sector Access Control
  • Small Business Access Control
  • Transport and Logistics Access Control
  • Financial Institutes Access Control
  • Hospitality and Leisure Access Control
  • Factory Access Control
  • Museum Access Control
  • Healthcare Access Control
  • Local Government Access Control

ADT Access Control Average Prices #

ADT Security systems have varied costs depending on the type of security system and the services you purchase. Normally, the cost starts with an initial payment of $30 to $60 per month. This can go as high as $100 to $400 per month according to your chosen service and equipment. The system does require a first and last month fee of around $30 to $50 as up-front payment and installation charges of $100 to $130. The cost is $5 to $10 per access card. The basic contract duration with an ADT security company is 36 months. However, a cancellation policy is available where you can opt out.

Added Access Control Cost Points to Consider: #

  • ADT Access control installation costs $300 to $500 to start, and may vary from system to system, services selected, and equipment configurations
  • Communication connection charges can cost to $30 to $100 paid one-time only
  • Expect to pay some additional costs for service like quick response and additional monitoring cameras
  • There may be a local permit fee that is not included in the ADT security system set-up costs, depending on the area you're located
  • Satisfactory credit history is mandatory
  • Rebates are offered only to the 36-month contract holders

ADT Commercial Access System Control - Access Control Points #

  • Door/window sensors
  • Motion sensor complete with a wireless control
  • Door Locks

ADT Access Control System with one point of entry costs about $500 to $700 per month for basic equipment. In addition to this, the system also costs $50 to $100 in monitoring charges monthly.

ADT Business View Average Costs – Video Surveillance #

This Business Access Control system is a bit more advanced than the premise control as it includes ADT's wireless surveillance cameras and a panic button that you can press to alert ADT immediately. The cost begins at $875 to $1,000 per month for two cameras. As the system requires more monitoring, the monthly costs are $50 to $150 per added camera.


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