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Pricing Factors to Consider When Installing Door Access Control

Last Updated: May 09, 2023

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Security is an important issue for many businesses. You don't want just anyone walking through your doors. One of the best ways to protect your employees and property (both physical and intellectual) is by installing a door access control system. Door access control systems can be used on exterior doors or they can be used to limit access to certain spaces within the building, such as high security areas.

The price depends on several factors, including the type of access system you choose and how many doors you need to protect. Read on to find out more about the options that are available and how much they cost.

Types of Door Access Control Systems #

One of the most important components of a door access system is the electronic device that identifies whether a person is authorized to enter the building. These are typically placed right outside of the doorway or between a set of double doors. There are three main types:

  • Keypads prompt employees to enter a code in order to gain access to the building. These are the least secure because it's easy for an employee to give the code to someone else.
  • Card readers require employees to swipe an identification card with a magnetic strip in order to gain entry. Similar devices such as proximity cards, which use a barcode or magnetic strip to recognize the card or key fob when it is placed in close proximity to the reader, are also available.
  • Biometric systems use fingerprint, handprint, or facial recognition to identify an employee. These are the most secure systems because you can't fake unique identifiers like fingerprints but they are also the most expensive.

You also need to think about what kind of locks you want for the doors. There's no point in buying a door access control system if your doors don't lock properly. The two main types of locks are:

  • Electric strikes: allow for free exiting but limits entry
  • Magnetic locks: users must check both in and out

Another crucial component is the software system that goes along with the door access control system. The software allows you to monitor comings and goings, review reports and set separate rules for who can access each door. Because the software is such an important part of the system, ask any dealer you're considering for a demo before you commit. Make sure it's user friendly.

Door Access Control Pricing

Door Access Control System Average Costs #

We can only estimate the cost of a door access control system because most dealers will want to take a look at your facility before giving you a hard price. As a rough estimate, you can buy a complete keypad and cards system for anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 per door. That includes the cost of equipment, software and installation. Volume discounts are also available, so you can expect to pay a little less per door if you buy several.

There are cheaper options - and far more expensive ones. You can buy a basic standalone system with one keypad for as little as $300 to $500. A high-tech biometric system such as an iris scanner could run more than $10,000 for a single door.

Keep in mind that optional features can quickly add to the total bill. Some of these options include higher security doors, photo ID printers to make employee badges, and alarms that will sound if a door is propped open.


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