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Snow Removal Cost Guide - Pricing Models, Calculator & Real Cost Examples

Last Updated: October 03, 2023

Walking in a winter wonderland is great. Beautiful white flakes fall from the sky. Not one of them is completely alike. It's amazing to see the first flakes of the season fall to the ground. After that, we're stuck wondering whose going to clean it up so we can get in and out of the driveway. Snow removal is a necessary evil that comes with the territory of living in a cold winter climate. You can spend the time and energy doing the job yourself or hire someone to do it for you and save yourself the time, energy, and backaches.

Snow Removal Costs #

Snow removal is an ongoing winter expense for both residential and commercial properties. Here are typical snow removal costs:

Residential Driveway Plowing

  • Small driveway (up to 20 ft) - $30 to $50 per service
  • Medium driveway (20 - 40 ft) - $50 to $70 per service
  • Large driveway (Over 40 ft) - $70 to $100 per service

Added fees for:

  • Shoveling walkways - $20 to $50 per service
  • Salting/de-icing - $20 to $40 per application
  • Emergency or off-hour service - $25 to $100 additional

Parking Lot Plowing

  • Small lot (up to 15,000 sq ft) - $150 to $300 per service

  • Medium lot (15,000 - 30,000 sq ft) - $300 to $700 per service

  • Large lot (Over 30,000 sq ft) - $700+ per service

  • Per application salting - $50 to $150 per 10,000 sq ft

Roof Snow Removal

  • Small roof (up to 1,500 sq ft) - $200 to $400 per service
  • Medium roof (up to 3,000 sq ft) - $400 to $700 per service
  • Large roof (5,000+ sq ft) - $700 to $1,500 per service

Roof snow removal requires specialized equipment and carries risks. Always hire insured professionals.

Snow removal costs can vary dramatically based on service frequency needs, regional rates, and other factors.

Per-Inch Snow Removal Pricing #

Residential Driveways

  • 1-3 inches snowfall - $30 to $50 total
  • 4-6 inches snowfall - $60 to $90 total
  • 7-10 inches snowfall - $90 to $130 total
  • Over 10 inches snowfall - $130+ total

Parking Lots

  • 1-3 inches snowfall - $150 to $300 total
  • 4-6 inches snowfall - $300 to $600 total
  • 7-10 inches snowfall - $600 to $1,000 total
  • Over 10 inches snowfall - $1,000+ total

Pricing Models for Snow Removal Services #

Seasonal Flat-Rate Pricing

There are two main pricing models for snow removal services - seasonal flat-rate pricing vs per snowfall pricing:

  • Set fee for entire snow season regardless of amount of snow
  • Typically $300-$800 for residential driveways
  • $2000-$7000+ for commercial parking lots


  • Predictable, fixed pricing through season
  • Covers all snow events big or small


  • May overpay if light snow season
  • Does not reward light usage

Per Snowfall Pricing

  • Fee each time it snows based on inches/depth
  • $30-$150 per snowfall residential
  • $150-$1000+ commercial per snowfall


  • Only pay for snowfalls that occur
  • Rewards light usage years


  • Unpredictable, depends on weather
  • Individual fees can add up if heavy snow


  • Average snowfall amounts in your area
  • Budget preferences for fixed vs variable
  • Provider reputation and service reliability

Discuss options with providers to understand full pricing models and see what fits your needs best.

Snow Removal Cost Calculator #

Snow Removal Pricing Examples #

Here are some real-life snow removal pricing examples for residential and commercial properties from people we interviewed.

Residential Driveways

  • A homeowner in Colorado paid $250 for the season to have their single car driveway plowed for all snow events.

  • A person in Minnesota was quoted $475 for snow removal service for their medium-sized suburban driveway for the entire winter season.

  • A resident in Maine paid $90 per large snowfall over 6 inches to have their driveway plowed. Smaller storms under 3 inches cost $60 each time.

Commercial Properties

  • The owner of a small strip mall in Vermont paid $5,000 for seasonal plowing of the parking lot, shoveling sidewalks, and salting after storms.

  • A medical clinic in Idaho was charged $150 per plow visit for their medium-sized parking area plus $75 per salt application when needed.

  • The property manager of a large apartment complex in Illinois paid $10,000 for the full winter season to have the entry/exit lanes, all parking areas, and sidewalks regularly plowed and de-iced.

  • A big box store in Minnesota contracted for $24,000 in seasonal snow removal services to keep their large parking lot and surrounding areas clear and safe for customers.

These real-world examples illustrate the wide range of snow removal costs depending on the property size, service frequency/depth required, and seasonal versus per-service pricing options.

Questions to Ask About Snow Removal Costs #

  • Do you charge per service, per inch of snowfall, or seasonal flat rates? What are your rates?

  • Are there additional fees for shoveling walkways, salting/de-icing, emergency visits, etc?

  • Do you charge extra for snowfalls over a certain number of inches?

  • How do you handle snow accumulations from multiple snowfalls in a short timeframe?

  • Are there fuel or trip charges for properties located far away?

  • What is the charge for weekends, holidays, or overnight emergency visits?

  • How can I get the most affordable rates from your company? Are there any discounts you offer?

  • Can you provide references from other clients so I can learn what typical charges were for the season?

  • Do you require a deposit or allow installment payments for larger commercial jobs?

  • Will you provide a written estimate detailing the expected annual costs?

  • What is the process and cost if I need to cancel your service at any time?

  • Do you have liability insurance and workers comp in case of damages or injuries?

Asking direct cost questions upfront ensures there are no surprises or confusion later. A reputable snow removal company should be transparent about their pricing and what factors could affect your costs.

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