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Roof Raking Cost Guide - Pricing, Tips & When to DIY

Last Updated: September 29, 2023

A roof rake is only a fraction of the cost of a new roof. A new roof can cost upwards of $15,000 to $20,000 for the average American home. For more on how much a new roof will cost you check out our article, "How much does a roof cost"?

Roof Raking Services Cost #

Here are typical costs for professional roof raking services:

  • Average hourly rate - $50 to $100 per hour per worker

  • Small roof (1,500 sq ft) - $150 to $300

  • Medium roof (2,500 sq ft) - $300 to $500

  • Large roof (4,000+ sq ft) - $500 to $1,000

  • Commercial building - $1,000 and up

Cost Factors:

  • Roof pitch and height - Steeper roofs require more time and safety precautions

  • Amount of snow - Deeper snow totals add more time and extra passes to clear

  • Number of layers - Icy compacted snow may need several passes to clear through to the roof

  • Accessibility - Multi-story and difficult access can require additional equipment

  • Roof type - Smooth surfaces are quicker than shake or tile roofs

It's best to hire an insured professional with roof raking experience and proper equipment to avoid risks.

Schedule in advance before heavy snow is forecasted.

Roof Raking Service Cost Examples #

We interviewed serveral individuals who hired a roof raking service to find out how much they paid:

  • A homeowner in New Hampshire paid $175 for a roofer to rake accumulated ice and snow off their small 1,200 sq ft single story home roof after 12 inches of snowfall.

  • A person in Maine was charged $275 for a roof raking service to clear over 2 feet of fluffy snow from their pitched roof colonial style home covering about 2,000 sq ft.

  • A business owner in Vermont paid $425 for heavy duty roof raking to remove snow and thick ice dams from a commercial flat roof covering around 4,000 sq ft.

  • A facility manager in Michigan hired a contractor to rake a large warehouse roof of approximately 8,000 sq ft after repeated snow storms left piles exceeding 3 feet deep in areas. They were charged $950 for the heavy work.

  • A shopping plaza owner in New York paid $1,600 for industrial roof rakes and a crew to clear piled up snow and ice from the 130,000 sq ft complex after a series of winter storms.

  • A school in Colorado contracted roof raking services as part of yearly snow removal for their building. For the 10,000 sq ft roof with steep pitched areas they pay $700 per visit.

The examples show the cost to rake roof snow ranging from a few hundred dollars for smaller homes up to over a thousand for very large commercial buildings.

Common Questions About Roof Raking Costs #

  • How much does it cost to hire a roof raking service?

  • What factors affect the price to rake a roof?

  • Do you charge per hour or per service?

  • Is there a minimum or flat fee for roof raking?

  • Do you charge more for taller multi-story homes?

  • Is the price affected by how much snow needs to be removed?

  • Do you charge extra fees for steep roofs or difficult access?

  • Do you offer discounts for larger roof areas or repeat customers?

  • Is there an additional charge if I cannot provide a ladder for roof access?

  • How soon after a snowstorm can you provide roof raking service?

  • Can I get a free estimate or quote for my specific roof?

  • Do you charge extra if ice melt products are needed?

  • Is there a surcharge for emergency after hours or weekend service?

  • What is your cancellation and refund policy if the weather clears first?

  • Can I upgrade to your highest level of roof raking service for added protection?

  • Do you offer package deals for both roof raking and gutter cleaning services?

The main concerns are understanding the pricing structure (hourly vs per service), what factors increase costs, any additional fees, and getting an accurate estimate for their specific roof raking needs.

DIY Roof Raking #

Cost of DIY Roof Raking

  • Roof rake tool: $30 - $100
  • Extension poles: $20 - $60
  • Ice melt chemical: $10 - $20
  • Ladder: $100 - $300 (if needed)

The main cost for DIY roof raking is purchasing a roof rake tool, which can range from $30 for a basic plastic model to over $100 for extendable metal models. You'll also need an extension pole to attach to reach up to 20 feet.

A sturdy ladder may be required to safely access taller rooflines.

How to Rake Your Roof

  • Use a roof rake with a wide plastic blade to avoid damaging shingles
  • Attach an extension pole for added reach to clear snow from roof edges
  • Start from the bottom edge and pull snow loads up towards the ridge
  • Let removed snow fall safely onto lawns or gardens below, not walkways
  • Apply ice melt to prevent snow from re-freezing if temperatures drop
  • Work slowly in layers, avoiding heavy snow that could cause falls
  • Wear slip-resistant shoes and take precautions on ladders


  • Rake after storms while snow is lighter and less compacted
  • Have someone watch below in case of falling snow chunks
  • Don't stand directly underneath roof edge you're clearing
  • Consider gutter covers to prevent snow trails blocking gutters
  • Inspect for roof damage after snow seasons
  • Hire pros for steep roofs or excessive ice dam buildup

DIY roof raking can effectively and affordably remove snow accumulations when done safely using the right tools. It prevents hazardous buildup and roof damage.

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