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How Much Does Roof Raking Services Cost?

Last Updated: January 26, 2022

It's been snowing for days. The snowflakes continue to fall and as soon as you think that there might be a break in the weather there's more snow around the corner. When snow piles up on a roof the weight can begin to crush it. More roofs collapse at this time of year than any other time. It's not a great time to have a hole in your roof, either. It's going to cost more to fix or replace your roof at this time of year due to the fact that it's cold and more dangerous.

A roof rake is only a fraction of the cost of a new roof. A new roof can cost upwards of $15,000 to $20,000 for the average American home. For more on how much a new roof will cost you check out our article, "How much does a roof cost"?

Why is it important to get snow off the roof? #

In two words, ice dams. Ice damming occurs when melted snow and water flow down your roof towards the eaves and the soffits. It freezes and collects there and causes accelerated deterioration of your roof.

What kind of damage can ice dams do? #

Ice dams can cause immediate damage. The weight of an ice dam can cause your roof to collapse. An ice dam can cause leaks. However, you may not the results of ice dams until many years later! You may think you survived years of letting snow pile up on your roof and ice dams. However, you could be replacing your roof 10 to 15 years before you need to if you let snow and ice dams accumulate on your roof!

How long is the average roof rake? #

Most roof rakes are 16' to 24' long. That's plenty of length for most people to successfully reach the top of their roof. They can be purchased online or at your local home improvement center. It's tough to find them when you need one because they will fly off the shelves all of a sudden at the local stores.

It may take a ladder to help you reach the roof if your house has multiple stories. In addition, all of the snow that is coming down won't make using a ladder easier. Using a ladder in deep snow does present some unique challenges. First, walking through deep snow deserves some attention in and of itself. Break out the snow pants and waterproof snow boots. You'll need to be well geared up for this project.

Second, using the ladder in the deep snow is going to be challenging. Don't use a 40 foot ladder. Try to use the least amount of ladder you need for the job. It's lighter. A 24 foot ladder should suffice for most homes. You're going to want to have two men on the job. One person on the ladder pulling snow off the roof and one person footing the ladder. If the ladder slips out in the slippery snow you could be going for a ride. The snow won't slow you down much from the impact. Be careful and use common sense.

How much does a roof rake cost? #

You may purchase a roof rake for $35 to $110. How much you want to spend on that scale depends on the length of the pole and the quality of the product. Roof rakes range in pole length from 16' to 24'. Most snow roof rakes have collapsible poles for easy storage.

Roof Raking Services #

Naturally, the easiest way to get the snow off your roof is to have professional do it. The average cost for roof raking services are $100 to $300. That is the cost for the average sized home in America. The cost could be higher if you have a large home or the job is particularly difficult. It's not a bad idea to hire someone if you can afford it. It's not a glamorous project to pull roof off your roof to come crashing on your head. At the very least, it's a real pain in the neck.

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