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How Much Does Weather Stripping Installation Cost?

Last Updated: January 26, 2022

The expression "It's the little things that kill" isn't a reference to home energy efficiency, but it well could be. Leaks around windows and doors can account for one-third or more of a home's energy loss, a phenomenon that isn't good for your budget or for the environment. Be a better steward of both by installing weather stripping around your doors and windows. One of the most affordable ways to boost the energy efficiency of your home, this project will quickly pay for itself in lower heating and cooling bills.

Types of Weather Stripping #

Weather stripping comes in a variety of materials including plastic, vinyl, metal, rubber, felt, foam, rubber, and silicone. None of these are particularly expensive, but cheaper materials such as foam and felt don't hold up as well as vinyl and rubber stripping. It's also important to note that some materials are better suited to certain window and door areas. Felt, for instance, should be installed around sashes and in door jambs, while rubber tubing is meant to be placed at the base of windows and doors and along the bottom of a door.

In addition to all-purpose stripping that can be placed in multiple locations, there are also specific types of weather stripping such as V Strip (with a shape designed to conform to gaps) and door sweeps (meant only for the bottom of a door). Finally, weather stripping differs in the way it's applied. Some types are self-adhering and others require you to use staples, finish nails, or screws. To read more about the different type of weather stripping, visit the This Old House website.

Other Ways to Eliminate Drafts #

Although weather stripping can shore up air leaks on your home's interior, exterior cracks and gaps can be equally problematic. To keep them in check, perform a visual inspection of the areas where windows and doors meet siding. Any opening should be filled with a good quality acrylic latex caulking. Once it dries, apply a coat of paint. Paint will not only help the newly-caulked areas to match the rest of the interior, but it will also provide added protection from the elements. If you don't feel like messing around on ladders, it's possible to hire a handyman for this project. Combining weather stripping and caulking services at the same time makes sense.

Another professional you might consider hiring is an energy auditor. A walkthrough on the interior and exterior of your home by one of these pros is the ultimate way of locating spots where energy is being lost. After all, if you don't know where the trouble spots are, how can you properly address them?

Weather Stripping Costs #

  • Buying weather stripping for the doors and windows in your home might cost $50 to $300 depending on the number of units that require sealing.
  • Hiring a handyman costs $30 to $60 per hour. If it take an entire day (8 hours) to install weather stripping, you'll pay $240-$480 in labor; a half day's work might run $120 to $240.
  • You should be able to hire a handyman to caulk around windows and doors and install weather stripping as needed for less than $500.
  • A home energy audit for a 2,000 square foot home costs roughly $300 to $600, but costs canbe double or more for larger homes, especially those in expensive urban areas.

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