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Christmas Light Installation Cost - Hourly Rates, Factors, Tips

Last Updated: September 27, 2023

Christmas Light Installation Price Ranges #

Super Low End

  • Basic single story home
  • Minimal decorations
  • DIY kits or reused lights
  • $200 - $500

Low End

  • Simple one story home
  • Basic string lights
  • $500 - $1000


  • Typical two story home
  • Architectural lights
  • Some custom elements
  • $1000 - $3000

High End

  • Large two story home
  • Lots of custom lighting
  • Extras like wreaths, garland
  • $3000 - $7000

Super High End

  • Over-the-top displays
  • Commercial buildings
  • LED net lights, many elements
  • $7000+

Average Costs Per:

  • Hourly rate: $50 - $150/hr
  • Linear foot: $1 - $10/ft

Factors like home size, complexity, accessories, and regional labor rates cause the wide price ranges. Most fall in the mid-range.

Holiday Lights Cost Calculator #

Wreaths ($50 each)

Garland ($100)

Figures ($150)

Christmas Light Installation Cost Examples #

  • A homeowner in Michigan paid $240 for a basic single story house install. At $50/hr it took about 5 hours to install provided C7 bulb lights around windows, eaves, and bushes.

  • A person in Denver paid $650 to have mini LED lights installed on their two-story home. At $4/linear foot, it required about 160 feet for the windows, roofline, trees and yard.

  • A business owner in Maine was charged $1500 to decorate their storefront and parking lot. This included snowflake and icicle lights along the roof, columns wrapped in lights, and lighted trees.

  • A resident in Florida paid $2200 to decorate their large two-story, 5000 sq ft home. The elaborate display with LED net lights, roof outlines, and LED wire trees took nearly 50 labor hours.

  • A condo association in California hired a pro to decorate 40 condo units. They paid $5200 total for front door swags, balcony rail wrapping, and walkway light arches throughout the complex.

  • A city plaza in Utah paid pros $8000 to decorate trees, lamp posts, archways, benches, and stair railings surrounding the plaza and amphitheater using commercial grade C9 lights.

The examples show costs ranging from a few hundred dollars for simple homes up to several thousand dollars for elaborate decorative light installation projects on large properties.

Permanent Christmas Lights

Convenience, visual appeal, and avoided replacement costs make permanent lights an increasingly popular decorative choice

Permanent Christmas Light Installation #


  • Permanent lights cost $100 - $300 per hour for professional installation

  • Total cost depends on size of home, complexity, and number of lights

  • Investment for a typical home often $2,000 - $4,000


  • Enjoy lights year-round without seasonal installs

  • One-time investment vs recurring install costs

  • Less risk of weather damage with permanent mounts

  • More flexibility for elaborate custom designs


  • Higher upfront cost than temporary installs

  • Changes to display require electrician adjustments

  • Limited color options unlike RGB LED temporary lights

  • Responsibility for any maintenance or bulb changes


  • Plan display carefully as changes are difficult and costly

  • Use commercial grade C7 or C9 permanent mount lights

  • Installer should waterproof all connections

  • Timer/automation provides convenience

Permanent Christmas lights allow year-round enjoyment with a one-time investment in pro installation, but limit flexibility. Careful planning is key.

Tips for Hiring Christmas Light Installers #

  • Ask for proof of insurance and bonding. This protects you in case of damages.

  • Inquire about their experience specifically with holiday lighting. Many electricians offer light installs without decorative expertise.

  • Get a detailed quote outlining exactly what is included and the timeframe. Understand any warranties.

  • For extensive displays, some installers provide 3D mockups or decorating plans. This visualization can help guide decisions.

  • Inquire about the types and quality of lights used. Higher grade commercial lights hold up better outdoors.

  • Discuss who supplies the lights - you or them. Suppling your own can reduce labor cost but may be less convenient.

  • Find out their weather policy if suffering damage. Also ensure they properly seal outdoor connections.

  • Ask about removal terms. Some include take-down for an additional fee. Others require contracting separately.

  • Be home during install and test lights yourself before final payment. Check for any missed or dark areas.

Getting details in writing and vetting providers protects your investment in an elaborate display designed to last for years.


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