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How Much Does Christmas Lights Installation Cost?

Tis' the season. The season to gain five pounds of belly fat, drink too much, get stuck hanging out with the in-laws for an uncomfortable amount of time, and spend hours wrapping presents. Through all the mayhem and stress of the of the holiday season there is a bright beacon that rests on the horizon, a single shining ray of hope off in the distance beckoning us to join together and drink eggnog. This could only be the effervescent glow of Christmas lights. Without them, we wouldn't have anything to cast our blurry gaze upon after that fourth glass of wine that we probably shouldn't have poured.

Christmas light prices

Christmas lights cost anywhere from $10 to $100 for one string of lights. They vary in size, shape, color, and length. What you get for your money depends on your taste, budget, and what length of lights you need.

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The new LED Christmas lights are amazing. Why install LED Christmas lights over traditional Christmas lights?

  • Lasts far longer
  • Uses 80% to 90% less electricity
  • Brighter

These are some great reasons to go LED. That is definitely the future of Christmas lighting.

How much does Christmas light installation cost?

It will cost $200 to hire an installation company for one half day to come install your Christmas lighting. It will cost to $450 for a full day to have a professional Christmas light installation service to install your lighting. That is the cost for one person.

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