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Sauna Repair Cost Guide for Common Issues

Last Updated: December 11, 2023

Sauna Repair Costs #

Typical costs to repair common issues with a broken sauna include:

Sauna Heater Repair

  • Heater issues prevent sauna from getting hot
  • Repair or replace heater = $200 - $800
  • More for wiring, vent work

Sauna Door Repair

  • Sticking, warped or broken door
  • Adjust or replace door = $100 - $500

Sauna Wall Repair

  • Moldy, damaged wall panels
  • Replace wall boards = $500 - $2,000

Sauna Bench Repair

  • Broken, unsafe benches
  • Replace benches= $300 - $1,000

Sauna Electrical Repair

  • Shorted breaker, bad wiring
  • Electrical repairs $200 - $1,500

Sauna Lighting Repair

  • Burnt out bulbs, bad fixtures
  • Lighting repairs = $100 - $500

Sauna repair costs can vary widely based on the specific issue, part replacements needed, and complexity of access and labor. Get quotes from contractors.

Sauna Repair Cost

Key Tips for Sauna Repair & Maintenance #

Here are some additional things homeowners should know about sauna repair and ongoing maintenance:

  • Perform preventative maintenance on your sauna every 1-2 years to find minor issues before they become big problems. This can save money down the road.

  • Always use a licensed, insured electrical contractor for any sauna electrical repairs. Faulty wiring can lead to fires or electrocution if not handled properly. Never DIY electrical work.

  • Ventilation issues, mold growth, or constant wood warping can indicate underlying moisture problems. This may require adjusting humidity levels, installing new vents/ventilation, or improving waterproofing to fix the root cause.

  • For heat and heating element issues, always have a professional assess and service the heater unit. Improper repairs can result in overheating, burns, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • If your sauna has accessories like lighting, sound systems or electronic controls, contact that device manufacturer if possible when troubleshooting problems. They will know how to service their equipment.

  • Use OEM factory replacement parts when possible for repairs to ensure proper fit and operation. Avoid cheap third party components.

  • Keep a sauna maintenance and repair log documenting all issues and work done each year. This provides history to the contractor to aid troubleshooting.

What Determines How Long a Sauna Will Last? #

A quality sauna that is properly maintained and cared for can typically last 15-30 years or even longer.

On the low end, inexpensive prefabricated saunas or poorly constructed DIY saunas may only last 5-10 years before requiring significant repairs or full replacement. Custom built saunas using high-quality construction, quality wood materials, and routine upkeep can easily last over 20+ years.

Some key factors that determine sauna longevity include:

  • Construction & Craftsmanship - Custom built saunas tend to last much longer than mass produced kits. Quality of materials and skilled construction have a major impact.

  • Type of Wood - Top grades of Western red cedar and other woods with good thermal properties provide better durability. Cheap pine wood won't hold up as long.

  • Frequency of Use - Commercial gym or spa saunas used daily wear faster than residential saunas used occasionally.

  • Sauna Care/Maintenance - Keeping your sauna clean, promptly fixing any issues, and re-sealing wood annually extends its lifespan significantly.

  • Environmental Exposure - Outdoor saunas and indoor saunas exposed to higher levels of moisture don't last as long as indoor dry saunas.

With proper care and maintenance, it is not unreasonable for a high quality residential sauna to remain serviceable for over 30 years before showing signs of wear. Preventative upkeep is key to maximizing longevity.

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