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How to Buy Quality Used Office Cubicles and Save Money

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Purchasing used office cubicles can save you thousands over buying new workstations. But you have to be savvy to find the best deals on quality used cubicles that will stand the test of time. Follow these tips to get the most value:

Inspect Condition Carefully #

Don't just glance - thoroughly inspect each panel, worksurface, cabinets and accessories for:

  • Rips, tears, or stains on fabric
  • Deep scratches, gouges, or dents on laminate and metal
  • Missing pieces or damaged components
  • Loose joints or broken adjustment mechanisms

Test the cubicle stability and be sure to raise/lower sit-stand desks fully. Cubicles may look fine at first glance but have hidden damage or instability.

Buy from Reputable Dealers #

Seek out dealers who refurbish and stand behind their used systems versus just selling as-is. They will overhaul components and ensure electrical and adjustments are in working order. This costs more but gives you quality assurance.

Liquidators and used office furniture stores can have deals but it's buyer beware on condition.

Evaluate Configuration Options #

Modular systems that allow reconfiguration of panels and accessories give you more flexibility vs fixed designs. This lets you rearrange layouts as needs change.

Ask the dealer if panels can be moved, added, or changed easily. Not all used systems have this capability.

Negotiate on Price #

Don't be afraid to make offers below asking price, especially if you are buying multiple cubicles or notice flaws. Many dealers expect negotiation.

Ask about any delivery discounts or bundles with other used office furniture like desks and storage.

Budget for Delivery/Installation #

Remember used cubicle delivery and professional installation can add a few hundred dollars per workstation. Factor this into your total project budget.

Some dealers may offer free or discounted delivery and install for large bulk orders. Inquire about this upfront before purchasing.

Following these tips will help you navigate the used cubicle market and maximize savings without sacrificing quality and functionality. Let me know if you need any other advice on sourcing and purchasing pre-owned office workstations.

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