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How Much Does a 6x6 Cubicle Cost?

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In most organizations, private office space is reserved for executives and other higher-ups. For other employees, many organizations use cubicles to reduce distractions and allow the employee some degree of personal space. Sizes vary, but 6x6 is one of the most popular choices.

Cubicles offer a wide variety of configuration options, including height, inserts, overhead storage bins, lateral files, tack boards, and filing cabinets. Paint and fabric colors also vary to help match overall office décor. You may purchase cubicles new or used.

Pros of 6X6 Cubicles #

A 6x6 cubicle offers organizations a small footprint while still providing enough room for the employee's desk and other office equipment as well as, of course, the employee. If office space is limited, a 6x6 layout provides room for more employees. The cubicles themselves are relatively inexpensive and easily altered to make the most use of the space within. You may also choose custom-made cubicles to match office décor for a more attractive appearance.

Points to Consider before Buying 6X6 Cubicles #

Before making any large purchase, consider your needs and obtain proposals from multiple vendors. Of course, quality and looks matter, but consider the following points as well.

  • Number of employees and potential growth: How many employees do you currently have? Do you expect that number to change? You don't want to pack employees in like sardines; people need the ability to walk around the cubicle floor easily. Safety requirements demand it if nothing else. The number of employees you have also helps you estimate the number of cubicles you need and what you'll pay for them.
  • Statutory requirements: These are legal requirements that guarantee the employees in an organization work in an environment that not only has adequate space but is also safe and comfortable. Therefore, understand your area's statutory requirements before buying 6x6 cubicles. Common questions include: re the doors wide enough, is there enough air coming in, or is the cubicle air-conditioned?
  • Business needs: This includes both the organization's needs and the needs of your employees. Some employees may require more space to do their jobs properly than a 6x6 cubicle provides. Consider desk sizes, file and storage needs, and spaces for printers and copiers. Also look at how often employees work with others, including both internal and external customers.
  • Style: Do not discount the importance of aesthetics, on both employee morale and the impression you make with clients. Of course, durability is vital, but cubicles that are attractive help improve productivity.

Sample Prices of 6x6 Cubicles #

Cubicle prices vary widely based on height, extra options chosen, materials used, brand, location, and whether you buy new or used. For a new 6x6 cubicle, expect to pay a starting price of around $800 for a basic unit, with used items starting at around $300.

As you add features, prices begin rising. The following estimates should help you budget and determine whether a proposal is valid.

  • Expect to spend between $300 and $400 per used cubicle.
  • New 6x6 office cubicles start at $800 and go up to around $5,000.
  • A new 54" high, 6x6 cubicle starts at around $1,000.
  • A used 54" high, 6x6 cubicle starts at around $400.
  • A 6x6 Steelcase workstation with added glass ranges between $700 and $1,000.
  • Drop down 6X6, 53" cubicles with one box file, one file, one overhead storage bin, and a drop down panel, with frameless glass, average between $2,000 and $2,500.
  • A 6X6 cubicle with 53" tall panels, one box file, and one file averages between $1,800 and $2,000.
  • A 6X6 cubicle with glass inserts, two overhead storage bins, one file, and one box file averages between $1,400 and $1,600.

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