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Optimizing Your Call Center Space: A Guide to Cubicle Layouts

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Call centers have unique needs when it comes to buying cubicles. Generally, you're looking for smaller cubicles with lots of electrical wiring. Cubicles need to be easy to reconfigure if you need to add or remove workstations. And because many call centers operate 24/7, you need cubicles that are sturdy and durable.

Call center cubicles typically range in price from $1,000 to $2,000. The price varies based on the size of the cubicles, their features, how they are configured and the number of units you purchase..

Tips for Call Center Cubicle Layouts #

Efficiently laying out compact call center cubicles requires smart planning. Follow these tips to optimize your footprint:

1. Choose Smaller Footprints

Opt for 4x4 or 5x5 cubicles to maximize workstations in limited space. Just be sure to allow for adequate circulation.

2. Stagger Rows

Staggering cubicle rows provides wider aisles for traffic flow and emergency egress without wasting space.

3. Allow for Adequate Clearance

Leave at least 36 inches between cubicle rows for circulation and meeting fire code. More for high traffic areas.

4. Use Shared Spaces

Cluster call center cubicles around common break areas. This promotes collaboration while defining the workspace.

5. Separate Quiet Zones

Define spaces for focused work by arranging specific cubicles away from major circulation paths.

6. Incorporate Noise Dampening

Add acoustic foam panels and noise cancelling headsets to absorb sound. White noise machines also help.

7. Optimize Sight Lines

Keep panels lower and incorporate glass to open sight lines for easier collaboration and supervision.

With intentional cubicle arrangements and noise reduction strategies, you can create an efficient and productivity-enhancing call center environment even in the smallest footprints.

Key Factors for Optimizing Call Center Cubicles #

Here are some additional key considerations when outfitting a call center space with cubicles:

  • Ergonomics - Chairs, desk heights, monitor positions etc should be adjustable to support proper posture and comfort over long shifts.

  • Lighting - Fluorescent overhead lighting can be harsh. Incorporate task lighting at workstations to reduce eye strain.

  • Power - Call centers have significant power needs for computers, headsets, screens. Electrical planning is crucial.

  • Ventilation - Closely packed stations produce a lot of heat. Proper AC and airflow is a must.

  • Cable Management - With all the equipment, cables can get messy fast. Plan routing and concealment.

  • Supervision - Often call center supervisors need to monitor or assist agents. Workspace visibility aids this.

  • Tech Mounting - Cubicles should include proper mounting and slots for screens, CPUs, and telecom equipment.

  • Future Flexibility - Arrange floorplan to allow for easy expansion, contraction, or rearrangement as needs evolve.

Sample Prices of Telemarketing / Call Center Cubicles #

Here are some real-world examples of prices paid for call center cubicles:

  • "We outfitted our small call center with used 6x6 fabric cubicles for $600 each. They were basic dividers to maximize our tight space."

  • "Our company bought new custom designed 5x5 laminate call center cubicles from Steelcase for $2,000 per station including headsets."

  • "We found used Herman Miller Ethospace 8x8 call center cubicles in great shape for $850 each. Much cheaper than buying new systems."

  • "We installed new 6x6 call center cubicles with noise dampening fabric from Office Blueprint for $1,750 each fully equipped with tech."

  • "The virtual call center leased cheap 4x4 cubicles at $250 per station to save costs. More basic but worked for our needs."

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