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How Much Does a Neopost Postage Meter Cost?

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Neopost S.A., based out of France, has a 90 year history of marketing a wide variety of mailing and shipping products. It is the second largest producer of mailing and shipping products in the world and number one in Europe.

Neopost USA stands by the reliability, performance, and flexibility of their products and service. They can even easily provide additional equipment applications to suit any changes and/or growth to your mailing demands. Find more on how you can improve the efficiency of your business at their official site.

Neopost Postage Meters and Mailing Equipment #

The following are some benefits you can expect to see from of having postage meter mailing equipment at your place of business. Postage meters:

  • Offer user friendly mail processing with both standard and specialized mailing applications.
  • Expedite the rate at which you can send packages, parcels and mail.
  • Operate in analog and digital styles. (*note: analog postage meters can be changed to a digital postage meter with the installation of an additional computer chip)

Postage Meters - Important to note about postage meter cost:

  • Federal law does not allow the sale of postage meters. The Federal government prohibits the sale of postage meters. This leaves the option to either rent or lease. In addition to the price to rent/lease, additional costs are determined according to your usage and the number of functions or applications you require.
  • Vendors often offer new customers trial period rentals and leases at discounted prices. This allows you to get to know the product and the savings it offers before entering a long term contract.
  • Postage meter price also does not include actual costs of postage. However, new customers are sometimes offered a small amount of free postage when getting started (i.e. up to$50 free postage).
  • Price breaks on monthly rental/lease costs are sometimes made available to those who agree to a long-term contracts. This is especially useful to companies that plan on needing a postage meter for regular and long term use.

Postage Meter Rental/Lease costs #

  • Postage meter costs range widely according what your lease/rental agreement is in addition to equipment functions, and personal usage rates.
  • Most postage meter companies, including Neopost do not post their lease agreement rates online. However, keep reading to get some sample costs for used Neopost postage meter equipment.
  • Don't miss the opportunity offered below to get free quotes on postage meters from Neopost and other respected postage meter vendors.

Sample Used Neopost Meter Equipment Costs #

There are both new and used Neopost mailing equipment models on the market to accompany your postage meter. Below are some cost ranges for low, mid, and high volume, used Neopost postage meter equipment. The associated prices provide an average range of approximately what you might expect costs to be for a used postage meter (cost of shipping not included):

Low Volume Neopost

You may buy a low volume Pitney Bowes postage meter for $100 to $500.

Mid- Volume Neopost

You may find a mid-volume meter for $500 to $1,500.

High Volume Neopost

A high volume postage meter such as this will cost anywhere from $1,500 to $10,500.

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