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How Much Does a Hasler Postage Meter Cost?

Last Updated: January 04, 2022

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Hasler has a solid standing as a leader in business mailing solutions. They are one of only five companies in the heavily regulated mail processing business, that are currently permitted to lease postage meters. They offer a variety of equipment and business solutions that can directly contribute to your company's cost management and growth. Your business may have small, mid, or high volume mail processing needs. Hasler has the postage equipment and services specifically designed to cut your costs and expedite your communication with valuable customers.

Hasler Mailing Equipment and Services #

  • Mailing Systems
  • Postal Scales
  • Folders and Inserters
  • Mail Center Management
  • Address Printers
  • Tabbers
  • Postal Accounting
  • Mail Sorting and Tracking
  • Service and Supplies
  • Leasing Services
  • I-meter Applications

Important Facts About Postage Meters #

  • The costs associated with postage meters are most commonly determined through a rental or lease agreement with a postage meter vendor. You can easily find new or used postage meter equipment for sale online. However, the actual sale of the postage meter component is prohibited by the federal government.
  • Temporarily free or discounted lease/rental agreements are often available to new customers through most postage meter vendors (Customers can take advantage of low or no rental costs while deciding if the equipment is right for their business.
  • Costs of postage are not included in the rental lease agreement. However, new customers can also sometimes benefit from promotions in which a small amount of free postage is included (i.e. typically $25 or more).
  • Longer term leases or rental agreements often come with smaller monthly costs. This is especially beneficial to companies that have established they will require long term, regular use of a postage meter.

Sample Costs for Hasler Postage Meters #

Postage Meter Lease Costs

Hasler Financial Services will combine hardware, software, service and meter rental costs into one simple monthly lease payment. The specific monthly rental costs will vary depending on which postage meter system you lease and the length of the lease. Keep this important factor in mind regarding average lease rates listed below. Postage meter systems vary by model and are designed to meet the specific needs of any business' mail processing needs.


Small but growing businesses


  • Typical equipment includes the postage meter and basic scale that allow you to weigh, rate, post, and track your mail with accuracy.
  • Small business models by Hasler include the WJ20, IM330, and IM350
  • Average lease rates - $15 to $25 per month, not including postage.


Medium volume mail centers or offices


  • Typical equipment aside from postage meter and scale also includes additional equipment that allows for higher processing speeds, a variety of increased digital applications and mailing applications (ie. folders, inserters, labelers).
  • Mid volume models by Hasler include the IM420, IM440, IM460, and IM480
  • Average lease rates - $35 to $250 per month, not including postage.


Busy, high volume mail center or high volume mailers


  • which can handle all mailing and shipping needs
  • High volume models by Hasler include WJ185, IM5000, IM6000, and WJ PRO
  • Average lease rates - $200 to $550 per month, not including postage

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