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How Much Does a Flash Website Design Service Cost?

Last Updated: August 17, 2022

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Flash website design delivers progressive and competitive marketing advantages for both new web development and the renewal of established sites. The right flash design application transforms an otherwise "cookie cutter" website, and engages visitors with memorable and/or influential multimedia experiences. There are an almost infinite number of types and styles of progressive flash design options that capture internet traffic:

  • Interactive tools
  • Interactive menus
  • Animated presentations
  • Videos and/or Music
  • Advertisements

What to Expect from a Flash Web Design Service #

Many vendors market templates or template packages. Template packages typically include your selected template and all necessary files and software required to independently customize images and content. If you purchase only a template, you may also need to handle design or you may hire the company to do it themselves. Companies that offer the software offer design services as well, many times.

Web design services often offer complete site development and various support options. A special skill set is required for design projects that are more complex and technically elaborate. Custom web design services deliver unique and highly imaginative flash web design options. You can take advantage of the opportunity to provide detailed input on site design and expect proficient results.

There are ample categories (i.e. medical, beauty, hotels) of flash templates and applications to suit any market type. Some examples include:

  • Dynamic flash template
  • Flash web design templates
  • Flash intro templates
  • Flash video templates
  • Flash photo gallery templates
  • Flash news scroller templates
  • Flash CMS (content management system) templates
  • Flash header templates
  • Flash banner templates
  • Flash animated templates
  • HTML and XML templates

Flash Web Design Average Costs #


Flat rate vs. Hourly Billing


Services offering flat fee rates usually have very basic design options (i.e. generic templates and template packages) and less design support. Other custom design services typically charge by the hour. On average, hourly costs range between $50 to $150 per hour or more. Custom flash web design firms typically provide final price quotes on an individual basis. Many will work with you to outline service expectations within a service contract. Quotes are largely determined by:

  • The amount of time designated for the project from start to completion.
  • Experience of the web design service.
  • Complexity and size of the project.
  • Number of applications and/or customization options.

Average costs for flash web design service:

  • Individual generic templates or template package prices range from Free up to about $99.
  • Independent designers or web design companies assist with basic template customization for about $100 to $300. Usually, service is provided over the phone or with real time internet assistance. Anticipate that you will need to provide them with pre-written content and any custom images intended for the site.
  • Expect website design services in your area to charge anywhere from $500 to $2,500 to establish and customize a site (typically size up to 10 pages).
  • Professional or specialist web design companies usually cost between $2,500 and $7,000 or more for site creation and design (up to 10pages). Not only should you expect original, custom designed graphics and content, but also exceptional site functions and progressive applications.
  • Additional site maintenance usually costs between $50 and $150 per hour. Emergency services can cost $175 to $200 per hour.

Other costs to consider:

  • Hosting and email services (if not included or already established) typically cost $7 to $50 per year; lower hosting costs are typically associated with shared hosting vs. higher costs for a dedicated server.
  • Domain registration (if not included or already established) costs $7 to $20 per year.
  • Standard and adequate web design software typically costs $150 to $600.

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