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Installing Stone Siding? Here's What You Need to Know About Costs and Types

Last Updated: October 06, 2023

If price were no object, then stone siding would almost surely hold a larger market share. After all, natural stone is attractive, lasts for the lifetime of a home, and is available in a huge range of colors and textures. Due to its high cost, however, stone is not a reasonable home siding choice for many homeowners. Still, thanks to simulated stone siding, the look and feel of real stone is available on any budget. Whether you're looking to splurge on real stone or install lower-cost alternatives, you'll find useful information in this buying guide, including how much stone siding installation costs.

Stone Siding Costs #

Real Stone Siding

Real stone siding is made from natural quarried stone cut into slabs or pieces. It is one of the most expensive siding options, but provides an authentic, high-end look.

  • Cost per square foot: $15-40
  • Total cost for 2,000 sq ft home: $30,000-80,000

Real stone is heavy and requires a sturdy foundation and wall structure. Installation is labor intensive, increasing costs. Ongoing maintenance is also required to keep the stone sealed and repaired.

Stone Veneer Siding

Stone veneer is a lightweight manufactured product made to mimic the look of real stone. It is adhered to the exterior walls, providing visual appeal at a lower cost.

  • Cost per square foot: $10-20
  • Total cost for 2,000 sq ft home: $20,000-40,000

Stone veneer installation is easier than real stone, though still more complex than other sidings. The light weight reduces required structural enhancements. There is little maintenance required.

In summary, real stone siding costs $15-40 per square foot installed, while stone veneer runs $10-20 per square foot. Stone veneer provides a stone aesthetic at a lower cost, but real stone has unmatched durability and authenticity.

Stone TypePrice per sq. ft.Characteristics
Limestone$8-20Off-white coloring, often used for contemporary homes.
Sandstone$15-35Natural tan/brown tones, more porous than other stones.
Granite$30-80Gray/black speckled stone, extremely durable.
Slate$20-50Dark charcoal color, natural split-face texture.
Bluestone$25-60Blue-gray color, popular for cottages.
Fieldstone$12-30Multi-colored rounded appearance, classic style.
Manufactured$5-20Replicates natural stone look for less cost.

Real Stone Siding Cost Examples #

Question: How much did you pay to have real stone siding installed on your home or building?

I had a stone veneer installed on the front facade of my 1,200 square foot ranch-style house. It cost around $18,000 for the materials and labor.

– Jen, Ohio

We decided to add stone siding to our 800 square foot detached garage. Going with a faux stone veneer, the total project cost was about $9,500 including installation.

– Steve, Pennsylvania

I own a small 1,500 square foot commercial shop. To upgrade the exterior, I had stone veneer siding added to the bottom half of the building. It was around $17,000 total for materials and installation.

– Tanya, Florida

We had real stone siding added as an accent wall on our master bedroom addition. It covers about 400 square feet and cost us around $22,000 in total.

– Brandon, New Jersey

I had a stone mason install real stone veneer on our 300 square foot garden shed. Even for that small project, it still cost over $6,000 for materials and labor.

– Lucas, Vermont

We added manufactured faux stone siding to three accent walls on our backyard patio cover. For around 200 square feet of coverage, the total project cost was about $3,500.

– Alicia, Arizona

I had real stone siding installed on my 3,500 square foot colonial home last year. It was incredibly expensive - the total cost was around $120,000! But it looks absolutely beautiful and I don't regret it one bit.

– John, Pennsylvania

I own a small office building downtown that is about 5,000 square feet. When I had real stone siding put on the entire exterior last year, it ended up costing over $200,000. It was a huge investment, but the natural stone gives my building a distinctive, upscale look.

– David, New York

We went with real stone siding for our new custom home build. For 4,000 square feet, the total price quoted was $68,000. We loved the natural stone look and thought it was worth the investment.

– Jessica, California

I manage an apartment complex with ten buildings, each around 8,000 square feet. Our recent renovation included installing real stone siding on all the buildings and it cost a fortune - over $3 million for the whole project! But the owner wanted the luxury look.

– Mike, Florida

Veneer Stone Siding Cost Examples #

Question: What was the cost of your stone veneer siding project?

We decided to go with stone veneer siding for our new 2,500 square foot home. For everything, including materials and installation, it cost us $32,000 total. We loved the stone look without the higher cost and weight of real stone.

– Sara, Michigan

I own a strip mall that's about 9,000 square feet. We recently redid the exterior with a stone veneer siding facade. It was surprisingly affordable - only $72,000 for the whole project.

– Tom, Wisconsin

We priced out real stone versus stone veneer siding for our office building renovation. For 12,000 square feet, stone veneer would be $120,000 total, compared to over $400,000 for real stone. The cost savings of veneer was a major factor in our decision.

– Julie, Illinois

I had stone veneer siding put on my house last year. It's a two-story home, around 2,800 square feet, and the total price was $33,500 including materials and labor. Very happy with how it turned out.

– Brandon, Oregon

Costs Involved in Stone Siding Installation and Maintenance #

In addition to the stone siding materials and installation costs, other factors to consider include:

  • Structural upgrades - Real stone is very heavy, so your home's foundation and framing may need reinforcing to support the weight, at an added cost.

  • Flashing and waterproofing - Proper flashing and seals are required to prevent water intrusion behind the stone. This adds to installation costs.

  • Crack and repointing repairs - Natural stone can crack and mortar joints may need repointing every few years, at a cost of $10-20 per square foot.

  • Sealing and cleaning - Regular sealing (every 2-5 years) and cleaning (annually) is required, which can cost around $0.50-2 per square foot.

Top Stone Siding Manufacturers and Pricing #

Some of the top natural stone siding manufacturers and their average costs are:

  • Eldorado Stone - $15-50 per sq. ft. Known for stacked stone veneers and diverse profiles.

  • Coronado Stone - $10-30 per sq. ft. Wide selection of natural & manufactured stone veneers.

  • Boral - $12-35 per sq. ft. Industry leader in stone veneer siding products.

  • Halquist Stone - $20-60 per sq. ft. Specializes in real natural thin stone veneers.

  • Silvermine Stone - $25-100 per sq. ft. Handcrafted real stone siding for luxury projects.

  • Western Stone & Brick - $5-20 per sq. ft. Value-priced natural & manufactured stone veneers.

FAQs Answered By Stone Siding Installers #

Here are some common stone siding FAQs answered from the perspective of stone installation contractors:

What is the cost per square foot to install stone siding?

Here at Rock Solid Stone Siding in Ohio, our stone installation costs typically range from $15-60 per square foot depending on the exact materials and scope of your project.

How much does it cost to install stone veneer siding vs real stone?

For stone veneer installation, our pricing starts around $20 per square foot. Real natural quarried stone siding installation averages $40-75 per square foot through our company.

What type of stone is best for my home and climate?

We'd recommend our sandstone or limestone varieties for your specific home style and Indiana climate. The natural earth tones will complement your existing façade nicely.

Does my house framing need any reinforcements for a stone facade?

Yes, we do recommend installing additional wall studs or masonry ties to provide added support for the weight of the stone siding.

How often does stone siding need to be sealed and cleaned?

Our maintenance recommendation is to seal the stone every 3-4 years and perform an annual pressure wash cleaning.

What is the typical thickness for stone veneer vs real stone siding?

Our stone veneers are about 1.5 inches thick. For full real stone siding, the slabs are 4-6 inches thick.

How long does stone siding installation take?

For an average single-family home, we can usually complete the project in 4-6 weeks with a 3-4 man crew.

Reasons to Install Stone Siding #

Stone siding for homes is commonly made from sandstone, limestone, and granite, although virtually any type of rock that can be dug out of a quarry is usable as a siding material. While each type of stone used in exterior siding has slightly different characteristics, you can feel good about choosing siding made from any type of stone for the following reasons:

  • Durability: Stone has been used throughout history as a building material and many stone structures, such as the Pyramids in Egypt, are still standing, serving as testaments to the durability of stone. While your exterior stone siding may not last as long as the Pyramid of Giza, it should be expected to endure a lifetime or more with very little maintenance. If any work is required, it will probably be to the mortar, not the stone itself.
  • Performance: Stone siding looks great, but it offers far more than just curb appeal. From the standpoint of functionality, few siding materials can compare to stone, as it offers excellent protection against fire and water and is also an excellent insulator that will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Options: Natural variations in quarried stone means that no two homes will have identical stone siding. And due to the different types of stone that can be used for siding, you have a great amount of choice when it comes to color and texture. Further customization is possible by choosing to keep stone rough cut and natural or more refined. Finally, if real stone is cost-prohibitive, you can opt for stone veneer siding, made from thinner pieces of real stone, or faux stone siding, made from Portland cement.
  • Value: When you consider the low-maintenance durability of stone, the ability of the material to protect your home from damage and regulate its temperature, and the boost in home value that comes with stone's classic beauty, the high cost of stone siding represents a valuable investment.


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