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How Much Does Masonite Siding Cost?

Last Updated: January 25, 2022

Masonite is the brand name of an exterior siding product made from wood fibers bonded with glue, resin, and wax. Despite the fact that the Masonite Corporation does not manufacture this type of siding anymore, it is still commonly referred to as Masonite siding or hardboard Masonite siding, although hardboard siding is technically the correct name for the product. But no matter what you call it, Masonite siding is a low-cost wood alternative that if properly installed and cared for should last for 25 years or more. To learn more about hardboard siding and how much it costs, continue reading this buying guide.

Is Masonite Siding Safe? #

A lawsuit filed against the Masonite corporation alleging that its hardboard siding did not meet its warrantee sparked a wave of litigation against the manufacturer. After a settlement was reached, the company ceased production of the product. In light of this the question must be asked whether Masonite siding is safe to use for home siding projects.

The answer, thanks to product improvements by companies that continue to manufacture hardboard siding, is "yes." Properly installed and maintained Masonite exterior siding can last for the life of the home. If it is incorrectly installed and/or neglected, however, the problems that plagued Masonite in the 80s and 90s, warping, swelling, buckling, rotting, softening, and blistering, might lead to the failure of the siding after only a few years.

As a homeowner, it is vital that you deal only with proven and reputable Masonite siding contractors who vigilantly follow manufacturer's instructions. You can also take a number of preventative measures, such as making sure the siding maintains a solid coat of paint on all boards, especially cut edges. All cracks and gaps should also be immediately filled.

The Benefits of Masonite Siding #

Masonite siding has a number of advantages over wood and wood alternatives, including the following:

  • Cost: The relatively low cost of Masonite siding is its greatest benefit. It is not only cheaper than wood siding, but also popular alternatives to wood such as vinyl, metal, and fiber cement siding. The fact that it's easy to install also cuts down on the initial investment.
  • Resembles Real Wood: Masonite hardboard siding, to a greater extent than vinyl and metal, looks like real wood siding. And compared to wood, hardboard is more flexible and stable in addition to having greater tensile strength.
  • Options: Masonite siding is available in a number of patterns, including horizontal and vertical boards, multiple textures, a variety of factory-finished colors, and can be custom painted or stained.

Masonite Siding Average Costs #

Because actual hardboard siding prices vary based on your location, the complexity of the installation, and other factors, the following costs should be regarded as estimates.

  • Hardboard siding costs $2.50 to $5 per square foot installed. For an average-sized home with 1,500 exterior square feet, the total cost might be $3,750 to $7,500.
  • Materials to replace a 12 foot by 1 foot section of Masonite costs $10 to $20.
  • Tubes of caulk cost $10 to $20 per tube.
  • Acrylic or latex house paint costs $15 to $50 per gallon.

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