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Georgia Pacific Siding Costs, Reviews and Pros/Cons

Last Updated: October 04, 2023

Although Georgia Pacific is a household name for paper supplies, it is also a leading manufacturer of building products, including home siding. Georgia Pacific siding made from vinyl and plywood are excellent choices for home renovations or new construction due to their durability, ease of installation, and design options. To learn more about the advantages of Georgia Pacific vinyl and plywood siding, as well as how much they cost, continue reading this buying guide.

Georgia Pacific Siding Costs #

Georgia Pacific manufactures a variety of exterior siding materials. Here are typical costs to install Georgia Pacific siding:

Vinyl Siding

  • Basic - $2-4 per sq ft
  • Premium panels - $4-6 per sq ft
  • Insulated - $6-9 per sq ft
  • Accessories - $0.50-2 per linear ft

Fiber Cement Siding

  • Lap planks - $3-5 per sq ft
  • Shakes & shingles - $4-7 per sq ft
  • Panels - $5-8 per sq ft
  • Trims - $1-2 per linear ft

Engineered Wood Siding

  • LP SmartSide panels - $5-8 per sq ft
  • Oriented strand board (OSB) - $3-5 per sq ft
  • Trim & fascia - $2-4 per linear ft

Labor Costs

  • Installation - $3-6 per sq ft
  • Prep work - $1-3 per sq ft

Total Georgia Pacific Siding Cost

  • Small home (1,500 sq ft) - $12,000 to $22,500
  • Medium home (2,500 sq ft) - $20,000 to $37,500
  • Large home (3,500+ sq ft) - $28,000 to $52,500+

In total, expect to pay $8 to $15 per sq ft to install Georgia Pacific siding on your home. This includes materials, labor, accessories and preparation work. Exact costs depend on the specific product line and siding style chosen.

Georgia Pacific Siding Cost Examples #

  • A homeowner in Texas paid $14,500 to install GP vinyl siding on their 1,800 sq ft ranch-style home. This included new insulation, tear-off, materials, and installation.

  • A family in Ohio spent $22,000 to reside their 2-story colonial house (2,500 sq ft) with GP fiber cement lap siding, fascia and trim.

  • A DIYer in Maine used GP vinyl shake siding to install new siding themselves on their 1,000 sq ft cottage for $4,200 in materials.

  • A contractor in California charged $31,000 to install 500 sq ft of custom profile GP fiber cement siding on a commercial building.

  • A historic homeowner in South Carolina paid $18,500 to reside their large 1,900 sq ft home using genuine cedar wood siding from GP matched to the original boards.

  • A landlord in Florida spent $9,800 to replace the existing siding on their rental duplex with new basic GP vinyl siding.

As you can see, costs to install Georgia Pacific siding products run from $5,000 to $30,000+ depending on the size of the project, type of siding used, and DIY vs professional installation. Most single family home projects cost $15,000 to $25,000.

Georgia Pacific Siding General Reviews #

Vinyl Siding

  • Rated 3-4 stars. Considered decent quality and value vinyl siding. Some concerns about fading and flimsiness on cheaper lines.

  • Reviews mention good color options. Panel siding gets better ratings than basic lap siding.

  • Issues with warping in extreme heat reported on lower end product lines.

Engineered Wood Siding

  • LP SmartSide receives 4-5 star reviews. Praised for durability, impact resistance and texture.

  • Some concerns about swelling and delaminating if moisture gets behind panels or at edges. Proper installation is key.

  • OSB siding not rated as highly. More prone to swelling and moisture damage over time.

Fiber Cement Siding

  • Rated 4 stars. Reviewers mention good durability and longevity.

  • Minor complaints about cracking, especially when installed improperly or on flexible sheathing.

  • Color matching between panels and touch up paint can be difficult.

Overall, Georgia Pacific receives positive feedback on their siding options. Their premium product lines like LP SmartSide rate very well on durability and performance. Basic vinyl and OSB products are less highly regarded but offer budget-friendly options.

Reasons to Install Georgia Pacific Siding #

The benefits of vinyl siding and plywood siding manufactured by Georgia Pacific are detailed below.

Georgia Pacific Vinyl Siding #

The many reasons why Georgia Pacific vinyl siding is a great choice for your home includes the following:

  • Maintenance-free durability: Installing Georgia Pacific vinyl siding on your home means peace of mind. Virtually maintenance free GP vinyl never needs painting and it won't rot or become infested by termites. And on the off chance that you do experience a problem with your GP vinyl siding, it is protected by a limited lifetime transferable warranty.
  • Options: With a plethora of Georgia Pacific vinyl siding colors, profiles, thicknesses, and finishes to choose from, you'll have no problem selecting a product that expresses your distinct style.
  • Sustainability: If you're as concerned about a healthy planet as you are a beautiful home, then Georgia Pacific can help you meet your sustainable building goals. By diligently reusing materials, cutting down on packaging waste, and using common-sense practices to save energy at manufacturing facilities, Georgia Pacific has established itself as a leader in Green building.

Georgia Pacific Plywood Siding #

Consider installing Plytanium plywood exterior siding by Georgia Pacific for the following reasons:

  • Real wood: Georgia Pacific Plytanium siding, made from real southern pine, provides a rustic wood appearance and is a breeze to install thanks to a built-in self-spacing feature.
  • Multiple finishes: Because Plytanium is made from real wood, it can be painted or stained. Plytanium is also available in a number of groove patterns and finish options, providing an even broader design range.
  • Guaranteed performance: An available primer/sealer gives Plytanium siding not only improved weather protection, but also a 25-year limited warranty.

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