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The Complete Guide to Exterior Shutter Costs and Styles

Last Updated: December 05, 2023

The purpose of exterior shutters is twofold: to enhance the beauty of a home and to provide it with added protection. Outdoor shutters come in a variety of materials and styles, each with distinct advantages.

Exterior Shutter Average Costs #

The typical costs to install shutters are:

  • Shutters - $100 - $300 per pair depending on material, size and style
  • Hardware - $20 - $100 per pair for hinges, frames and mounting hardware
  • Labor - $40 - $100 per pair for installation

So for a basic vinyl or composite shutter installed on an average size window, expect total costs around $200 per pair. More decorative wood or faux wood shutters, hardware, and labor can cost $300 to $600 per window pair installed.

For a typical single story house, installing new shutters on 10-20 standard sized windows, expect to budget $2,000 to $6,000 or more depending on number of windows shutter style selections.

Any repair or prep work to fix or smooth window trim or siding will also add expenses.

Types of Exterior Shutters #

Wood Shutters

  • Most decorative and customized options
  • Basswood, poplar, oak or composite wood materials
  • Cost from $150 - $600 per pair
  • Require staining/painting every 3-5 years

Vinyl Shutters

  • Low maintenance composite material
  • Mimic wood grain look in many styles
  • Cost $100 - $250 per pair typically
  • Durability measured in decades

Aluminum Shutters

  • Very lightweight but durable
  • Cost $75 - $150 per pair
  • Easy for DIY installation
  • Prone to denting/scratching

Fiberglass Shutters

  • Mimic shape/look of wood shutters
  • Cost $250 - $500 per pair
  • Customizable like real wood
  • Won't rot, split or crack

Outside shutters, just like home siding, are available in a wide range of building materials. The most popular shutter building material is wood, which provides classic beauty but requires regular maintenance.

Wood alternatives, which include wood composite, fiberglass, and plastics, vary considerably.

Many composites are cheap and may not last longer than a decade, while some plastics come with up to a 25 year warranty.

Exterior window shutters made from metal (usually aluminum) and reinforced fabric care also available.

Board and Batten Shutters

Exterior Shutter Installation Cost Examples from Completed Projects #

  • "I installed new vinyl shutters in a classic style on my small 800 sq ft home. The shutters themselves were $125 per pair and with mounting hardware and labor the total cost was $850 to install 10 pairs." - James T.

  • "For our lake cabin, we wanted wood look composite shutters made of durable PVC materials. For 10 pairs on the 1,000 sq ft cabin, the shutters were $150 per pair and with contractor labor to mount them, our total shutter installation cost was $1,800." - Amanda S.

  • "I wanted to add some curb appeal to my vinyl sided traditional home. I had faux wood grain composite shutters with custom shapes installed over 20 windows. The specialty shutter supplier charged $275 per pair installed. So the total custom shutter job was $5,500." - Michael W.

  • "Our dated office park building got a facelift with new aluminum shutters installed on 30 large windows. The simple light grey metal shutters were $100 per pair and the contractor charged $50 per pair install fee. In total we paid $4,500 for the shutter upgrade." - Steve J.

As you can see, installing new composite or vinyl shutters averages around $200 to $300 per window pair while wood and specialty shutters cost $300 to $600 per pair mounted. Professional installation recommended.

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