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The Complete Guide to Aluminum Siding Costs, Brands and Installation

Last Updated: October 05, 2023

Aluminum siding is one of the most tried and true home siding options on the market.

Since the end of World War II it has provided American homeowners with a durable, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and good-looking material in which to clad their home.

Aluminum Siding Costs #

Siding TypeCost per Sq Ft
Basic Horizontal Siding$3-5
Premium Wall Panels$5-8
Commercial Grade$6-10
Insulated Siding$8-12
Trims and Accessories$2-4 per linear ft

Other aluminum siding costs:

  • Labor: $3-6 per sq ft
  • Other project costs: $1-3 per sq ft

Total installed costs:

  • Small home (1,500 sq ft): $9,000 - $18,000
  • Large home (3,000 sq ft): $15,000 - $36,000

Top Aluminum Siding Brands and Pricing #

BrandDescriptionPrice Range
AlcoaPremium, heavy gauge$5-10 per sq ft
MasticAffordable, lighter gauge$3-7 per sq ft
GentekResidential and commercial$4-8 per sq ft
ReynoldsBudget-friendly option$3-5 per sq ft
NorandexDurable baked enamel finish$4-6 per sq ft

The top aluminum siding brands range from about $3-5 per sq ft for basic products up to $8-10 per sq ft for premium brands. There are options for any budget.

Aluminum Siding Cost Examples from Homeowners #

Here are some real-life aluminum siding installation costs examples from homeowners we interviewed:

  • "We hired a contractor to install heavy-duty commercial grade aluminum siding on our small office building. For the 2,500 sq ft project with taller walls it cost $32,000 including materials, labor, equipment and prep work." - Thomas R., Illinois

  • "I reside my 1,600 sq ft rambler style home myself using basic Alcoa lap siding bought at the local home center. With the siding materials, rental tools and a few weeks of evenings it cost me around $9,500 total." - James T., Kansas

  • "We opted to have vertical aluminum siding installed on our modern style 2,000 sq ft house. The siding materials, custom fabrication and professional installation cost $19,800 in total." - Amanda B., Florida

  • "I spent $14,000 to have insulated aluminum siding put on my older 1,500 sq ft bungalow. I chose this type for the energy efficiency and noise reduction qualities." - Jessica K., Oregon

  • "For our historic colonial restoration we had premium heavy gauge aluminum siding custom formed to match the original wood clapboard design for $28,500." - Robert D., Maine

  • "We upgraded the siding on our rental duplex from old vinyl to new basic aluminum siding. The 1,200 sq ft residence cost $11,000 with the tear-off and professional installation included." - Monica V., California

The reported prices seem to range quite a bit based on specific products used and the size and complexity of the siding project. But overall, aluminum siding installation seems to run $10,000 to $30,000 for most single family residential homes.

Aluminum Siding Installer Q&A #

What are the most popular styles and colors you install?

"For styles, a lot of our clients go with simple horizontal lap siding or panels with clean lines. As for colors, we install a ton of lighter neutrals like white, beige, and gray aluminum siding."

What thickness aluminum siding do you recommend?

"I always recommend going with the thickest siding you can afford - at least 0.024 inch. The extra thickness holds up better to weather and dents over time. It's worth the investment."

How long does a typical aluminum siding installation take?

"For the average single-story home of around 2,000 square feet, we usually complete the siding installation in 3-4 days. Bigger or multi-story homes can take up to 2 weeks depending on the details."

What do you include in your installation service?

"Our company handles the whole project from start to finish. We take care of permits, tear off the old siding, install tyvek and flashing, hang the new aluminum siding, and make sure everything looks beautiful when we're done."

What advice do you have for maintaining aluminum siding?

"Avoid damage from ladders, equipment, etc. And use mild soap and water to gently clean the aluminum every year or two - avoid harsh chemicals or pressure washing."

Reasons to Install Aluminum Siding #

Installing aluminum siding on your home is a good decision for the following reasons:

  • Protection: When it comes to protecting your home from Mother Nature, aluminum siding is the pound for pound champion. Though lightweight, aluminum is waterproof, rustproof, fireproof, and won't attract pets, mold, or mildew.
  • Low-Maintenance: Enjoy the superior home protection of aluminum siding without having to bother with extensive maintenance. Aluminum does dent and scratch somewhat easily. If blemishes aren't dealt with, they can lead to bigger problems. In general, however, with a coat of paint every ten or twenty years, aluminum siding requires fresh paint much less often than wood, your siding should easily last forty years or longer.
  • Aesthetics: Choose from aluminum house siding made in vertical or horizontal panels that have either a flat or shaped coating. Textured aluminum, to a greater extent than vinyl, can be made to resemble traditional materials such as wood. And looking on the bright side, although aluminum does need occasional painting, the fact that it takes paint well (vinyl is much more difficult to paint) means you can easily change aluminum siding colors anytime you want.
  • Savings: Compared to vinyl, steel, and wood siding, aluminum is extremely cost-effective, in part because of its ease of installation. And due to aluminum's durability, you won't be spending much on maintenance over the years. Finally, when paired with a quality insulated backing, aluminum siding can improve your home's energy efficiency.

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Siding #

Very durable, dent and scratch resistantHigher upfront cost vs other sidings
Low maintenance, no painting neededCan dent from heavy impacts
Withstands all weather conditionsConducts heat - not very energy efficient
Won't rot, warp, crack or peelNoisy during rain/hail storms
Long lifetime if properly installedDifficult for DIY homeowners to install

In summary, aluminum siding is highly durable and long-lasting, but costs more upfront than other siding options.

It also conducts heat and can be noisy during storms.

Overall, aluminum works well when lifetime durability is preferred, but the cost may deter some homeowners. Professional installation is recommended.


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