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Discover the Cost of CertainTeed Roof Shingles for Your Roofing Project

Last Updated: September 29, 2023

CertainTeed, a subsidiary of the industrial company Saint-Gobain, is a leading North American manufacturer of roofing and other building materials. The company offers a large number of high-quality roofing shingles that are a cut above typical asphalt roofing shingles. This buying guide provides an overview of CertainTeed roofing shingles in addition to general pricing information.

Lankmark shingles by CertainTeed are one of the most popular roofing shingles sold in America. Landmark shingles cost $80 to $500 per square (100 square feet).

CertainTeed Roof Single Prices

Reasons to Install CertainTeed Roof Shingles #

CertainTeed operates by the maxim of "Better Building Through Science," which manifests in its roofing products in the following ways:

  • Performance: CertainTeed roofing products are superior at controlling air flow, moisture, noise, and indoor air quality. As a result, they contribute to a better quality of life and energy savings. Some energy efficient CertainTeed shingles even qualify homeowners for a tax credit.
  • Quality: With CertainTeed's SureStart PLUS warranty, the strongest extended warranty coverage in the industry, you can rest assured that your home, and your investment, will be protected for up to 50 years. Many CertainTeed roof shingles even come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Sustainability: CertainTeed uses up to 80% pre and post-consumer recycled content in its roofing products and diverts 250,000 tons of materials from landfills through sustainable practices. For its green efforts, CertainTeed was named a 2009 Energy Star Partner of the Year by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

CertainTeed Shingle Options and Costs #

Landmark Series - Most affordable architectural shingles ($80-100 per square)

  • Landmark - Their standard architectural shingle with 30-year warranty
  • Landmark Pro - Upgraded version with max definition and 50-year warranty

Cedar Crest Series - Wood-look architectural shingles ($130-180 per square)

  • Cedar Crest - Embossed wooden grain pattern
  • Cedar Crest Stone - Adds natural stone accent colors

Grand Manor Series - Luxury architectural shingles ($150-250 per square)

  • Grand Manor - Heavier weight and thickness for dimensional look
  • Grand Manor Stone - With natural stone granule accents

Presidential Series - Premium designer architectural shingles ($300-500 per square)

  • Presidential TL - Triple-layer laminated shingle
  • Presidential Shake - Hand-split shake shingle look

Luxury Selection - Specialty shingles like slate, cedar, and tile looks ($500-1000 per square)

Exact costs vary by regional labor rates, roof complexity, accessory needs, and any repairs required.

CertainTeed Roofing Average Costs #

Here is an overview of typical total installation costs for a homeowner getting CertainTeed shingles:

Smaller, simple roof:

  • 1000-1500 sq ft roof
  • Landmark shingles
  • $15,000 - $22,500 total install cost

Mid-size suburban roof:

  • 2000-3000 sq ft roof
  • Architectural shingles like Landmark Pro
  • $40,000 - $90,000 total install cost

Larger luxury roof:

  • 4000+ sq ft roof
  • Premium shingles like Presidential or Grand Manor
  • $150,000 - $300,000+ total install cost

Cost per square foot:

  • Materials: $80 - $500 per square
  • Labor: $100 - $600 per square
  • Total install: $150 - $1,100 per square

Key cost factors:

  • Roof size and pitch complexity
  • Shingle type and warranty
  • Accessibility for workers
  • Amount of repairs needed
  • Flashing and ventilation needs
  • Regional labor rates

CertainTeed offers shingle options and pricing suitable for most homes. Total costs account for materials, labor, roof specifics, and location.

CertainTeed Roofing Installation Cost Examples #

We interviewed several people who chose CertainTeed for their roof shingles and found out how much it cost them.

  • A homeowner in Missouri paid $6,800 to have a roofer install CertainTeed Landmark shingles on their simple 1,600 sq ft ranch style roof. This included tear-off of old shingles, new underlayment, and new flashing.

  • A person in Maine was quoted $9,500 to have CertainTeed Landmark PRO shingles installed on their steeply pitched 2,000 sq ft colonial home roof along with new drip edge and ventilation.

  • A couple in Texas paid $12,200 to have Cedar Crest shingles installed on their large 2-story home. The 4,000 sq ft roof also required plywood replacement, felt underlayment, and extensive flashing work.

  • A homeowner in California paid $19,500 for a roofing contractor to install Presidential TL Ultimate shingles on their 6,000 sq ft Spanish style tile roof. This included tear-off, sheathing repairs, and new custom flashing.

  • A historic homeowner in Vermont spent $22,000 to have Carriage House shingles installed to match the original look of their Victorian home. The 10,000 sq ft roof required extensive repairs before installing the premium shingles.

  • A contractor in Colorado installed Northgate ClimateFlex shingles on a client's 12,000 sq ft mountain lodge for $42,000. The steep complex roof required extensive staging, custom metalwork, and flashing.

The examples show costs ranging from thousands for simpler small roofs to tens of thousands for larger, complex roofs requiring extensive repairs and custom work.


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