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How Much Does Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Cost?

Last Updated: January 21, 2022

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Dirt ceilings and walls look bad and cause health problems. They can make an otherwise nice space look drab and unkempt. Ceilings, especially, can be hard to reach places. Therefore, hiring a professional cleaning service that specializes in this service can help your home or business look great again.

Cobwebs #

Spiders have a way of making themselves homes in any dry place they can find, indoors or out. They make webs, live in them for a while, and move on. They leave between their webs behind which can collect dust which makes them even more apparent to the naked eye.

Dust #

Dust is everywhere. Even in the interior of a building away from the dirt we find in nature dust is prevalent. It is said that 80% to 90% of dust is made up of dead skin cells from people. Not only is that unhealthy to have an excess of that in your environment it is kind of gross to think about when you see a lot of dust build up.

Dirt #

People track in mud and dirt from the outdoors. It can eventually end up getting kicked up onto the lower walls.

Fingerprints #

If you have children around you are probably already aware that people, children especially, like to put their hands on walls. Adults do it, too, so it happens everywhere. Corners of walls, next to doors ways, heavy doors, are all common places where people tend to put theirs hands on the wall from time to time. The oils in people's hand contain dirt and this can leave behind dirty fingerprints.

Mold #

You don't want mold in your living environment. If left long enough in a moist environment dust can begin to get moldy. That can cause respiratory and other health problems. Mold and Health Related Issues.

What does it cost to hire wall and ceiling cleaning company? #

In most places it will cost between $25 to $35 per hour to hire someone to clean your ceilings and walls. It will take more time and cost more is you have high ceilings.

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