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How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Metal Roof? Cost per Sq Ft

Last Updated: October 20, 2023

Metal roofing material is durable enough to withstand the elements about four times longer than other traditional roofing materials. However, recoating and/or repainting are necessary to preserve its resistance to corrosion and breakdown. Proper maintenance of your metal roof will ensure it delivers the full term of its durability.

Average Costs to Paint Metal Roofing #

The cost to paint a metal roof typically ranges from $2 to $6 per square foot, with most homeowners paying between $3 to $4 per square foot for professional painting services. This covers labor and standard preparation materials to get the metal roof ready for painting.

Some key factors affecting the overall painting cost include:

  • Roof size - Price is usually based on square footage.

  • Roof pitch and accessibility - Multi-story and steep roofs cost more.

  • Roof condition - Repairs add cost if rust, flaking, or corrosion needs addressing.

  • Paint type - Elastomeric and other specialty paints cost more.

  • Color - White reflects more heat and is usually cheaper than darker colors.

For a typical 2,000 sq ft single story home, expect to pay $6,000 - $8,000 to have the metal roof professionally prepped, primed and painted. Always get multiple quotes for your specific job.

DIY Metal Roof Painting Costs #

For do-it-yourselfers, here are the typical costs to paint your own metal roof:

  • Paint - $100 to $300 depending on coverage needed and type of paint used. Elastomeric is more expensive.

  • Primer - $50 to $100 for metal primer to coat the roof initially.

  • Supplies - $50 to $200 for brushes, rollers, masks, gloves, etc.

  • Power washer rental - $50 to $150 per day if you don't own one. Needed for preparation.

  • Painter's ladder or scaffolding - $100 to $500+ for safe roof access. Rental or purchase.

  • Total for a small roof - Around $500 to $1,000 in materials and equipment rental.

A DIY metal roof paint job can save 50% or more compared to hiring a professional. But it's physically demanding and risky work. Always take proper safety precautions when attempting to paint your roof.

Keep in mind additional costs of doing it yourself. These are mostly associated with equipment and critical preliminary prep work required prior to applying paint to a metal roof.

Metal Roof Painting Cost Examples from Contractors #

Here are some real-world pricing examples based on quotes from contractors for painting metal roofs:

  • "We recently painted a 1,800 sq ft single story home's metal roof. We charged the homeowners $4,500 for the job."

  • "I painted a small ranch-style home's metal roof last month. It was 1,200 sq ft and cost the customer $2,800 including pressure washing."

  • "We were hired to paint the metal roof of a large commercial warehouse. The total project cost was $18,000 for the 35,000 sq ft roof."

  • "I painted a standing seam metal roof on a barn for $3,600. It was around 2,500 sq ft but required some rust repair first."

  • "A new restaurant had us paint their curved metal roof before opening. We charged $4,200 to prep and paint the approximately 3,000 sq ft area."

  • "We were paid $5,750 to paint the metal roof of a two-story home. It was very steep and required scaffolding rental."

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