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Metal Ceiling Tiles: Costs, Pros & Cons, and What to Know Before Buying

Last Updated: October 20, 2023

Ryan Maguire
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A metal ceiling gives any room a lustrous look that any other type of material can just hope to emulate. Metal ceiling tiles are a great addition to any room you wish to showcase. The light they reflect back down on the room can greatly enhance other features. Most metal ceiling tiles are made from tin and aluminum due to their light weight and cheap cost. There are, literally, thousands of patterns and colors you can choose from. Most manufacturers have an option of submitting your own design for metal ceiling tiles, at an extra cost, of course. You can even get metal ceiling tiles that replicate some of the world's most famous paintings!

Metal ceiling tiles will work with any standard acoustical ceiling grid system. They make most metal ceiling tiles in 2x2 or 2x4 foot measurements. If you are looking for the sound dampening and insulating properties of traditional acoustical panels, you can simply add the panel on top of your tin ceiling to give your metal ceiling the same qualities.

Metal Ceiling Tile Prices #

Here are typical price ranges for metal ceiling tiles:

  • Basic tin ceiling tiles - $5 - $10 per sq ft
  • Aluminum ceiling tiles - $10 - $20 per sq ft
  • Copper ceiling tiles - $25 - $50 per sq ft
  • Stainless steel tiles - $30 - $60 per sq ft
  • Decorative ornate tiles - $50 - $100+ per sq ft

Other metal ceiling tile pricing factors:

  • Tile size - Smaller tiles cost more
  • Thickness/gauge - Thicker metal costs more
  • Finish - Polished, brushed, patterned, etc.
  • Special shapes - Hexagons, curves, etc. cost more
  • Delivery and installation

For a basic tin panel ceiling, expect to pay $6 - $8 per sq ft installed. Prices go up significantly for thicker gauge metal like copper or ornate styles. Get quotes from contractors on your specific metal tile ceiling project.

Contractor Quotes for Metal Ceiling Tile Installation #

Here are some real-world pricing quotes from contractors who have installed metal ceiling tiles:

  • "I recently did a small bathroom in aluminum tiles for a customer. With materials and labor it was $1,200 for the 60 sq ft space."

  • "We installed stainless steel ceiling panels in a commercial kitchen last month. The total project cost for the 200 sq ft ceiling was $9,500."

  • "A customer wanted an ornate tin-look ceiling installed in their dining room. For the 400 sq ft decorative metal tile ceiling the total was $4,800."

  • "We installed brass-finished metal ceiling tiles in a lobby area. The labor and 300 sq ft of premium flat brass tiles cost the client $19,000."

  • "I installed basic galvanized tin ceiling panels in a customer's laundry room. With 60 sq ft of tiles and labor, their total was $650."

  • "We did a full decorative tin ceiling install for a customer's home theater. With labor and materials for the 500 sq ft space, their total cost was $12,500."

Pros and Cons #

Here are some of the main pros and cons of metal ceiling tiles:


  • Durable and long-lasting - Metal tiles can last 50+ years with little maintenance

  • Reflective surface - Bounces light around the room, making it brighter

  • Variety of styles - From ornate decorative to sleek modern looks

  • Moisture resistant - Metal tiles don't absorb moisture and won't warp

  • Easy installation - Many tile systems just drop in place into a grid

  • Good acoustics - Metal tiles don't muffle sound as much as other materials


  • Expensive compared to other ceiling materials

  • Conducts heat and cold - Can increase energy costs

  • Reflective surface shows imperfections - Any dents, scratches or uneven areas will be noticeable

  • Can dent/scratch if impacted - Softer metals like copper and tin are prone to damage

  • Difficult for do-it-yourselfers to cut and install properly

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