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How Much Does Water Damage Repair or Restoration Cost?

Last Updated: December 07, 2023

Repairing water damage in your home can be a very expensive endeavor.

Many times, the water damage is not just confined to the basement. Often you have two floors with water damage; not just one.

Problems arise when water contacts sheetrock, insulation, fabrics such as drapes or carpet, or any type of wood, cardboard, or paper. Mold and mildew arise when water contacts these types of materials.

How quickly you react to water damage will greatly influence the total cost to you.

Water Damage Restoration Costs #

Typical water damage restoration costs range from $500 to $5,000+ on average depending on severity factors:

  • Size of the affected area - Room-only damage is cheaper than whole-floor or basement saturation

  • Porosity of soaked materials - Restoring wet drywall and carpets runs higher than tile and metals

  • Drying methods needed - Simple air movement drying vs. complex multi-stage drying systems

  • Extent of removal - Just drying vs. tear-out and replacement of water-logged carpets, cabinets, drywall

  • Cause of leak - Sewage-borne flood damage is more hazardous and costly to sanitize than clean rainwater

  • Access issues - Tight areas prone to re-wetting take more effort and equipment to fully dry out

For minor flooding contained to part of one room most homeowners pay $500 to $2,000. However, extensive water saturation across rooms, walls and structures causing mold risks runs $3,000 to $10,000+.

Water Damage Repair in Kitchen

Water Damage Repair Costs By Project #

Restoration JobTypical Price Range
Extract water from soaked carpet$300 - $700
Dry out padded vinyl flooring$500 - $1,200
Seal and paint water-stained walls/ceiling$400 - $900
Replace water-logged bathroom vanity$800 - $1,500
Remove and install new water-damaged drywall$600 - $1,800
Sanitize and dry out flooded basement$3,000 - $8,000

Water Damage Repair Cost Examples #

  • "A broken refrigerator line flooded a section my finished basement with clean water. For dry out equipment, monitoring and some drywall repairs it was $2,100." - Amanda T.

  • "My water heater burst flooding half my house with 1-2 inches of water. With extensive dryouts, carpet tile replacements, drywall repairs it was $8,750." - Michael S.

  • "A bad rainstorm flooded our crawlspace and soaked insulation. With equipment drying, mold treatment, siding repairs it cost $4,600 to remediate." - Melissa D.

  • "A rusted pipe burst sending water through kitchen ceiling damaging drywall, cabinets and appliances costing $15,000 for full professional restoration." - Steve W.

  • "Serious storm winds ripped sections off our roof allowing water to pour inside. Between drying equipment, furniture/drapes cleaning, drywall replacement, cabinetry and major roof repairs we spent $73,000." - Rob G.

  • "After a bad hurricane a tree fell and crushed half our home. With initial dry out and securing we spent $250,000 just to make the destroyed section safe enough to gut down to the studs for full reconstruction." - Jessica T.

As you see, water damage repair costs ranged widely from $2,000s for minor cleanups up to $100,000s for massive destruction requiring extensive reconstruction.

Does Insurance Cover Water Damage Costs? #

Yes, your homeowners or property insurance may cover costs to repair water-related damage, but the specifics depend on your policy type, deductible amount, and cause of water damage.

Key considerations around insurance coverage and exclusions:

  • Flood damage is typically not covered under standard home insurance policies unless you purchased separate flood insurance.

  • If a storm event causes issues like winds ripping roofing off or a fallen tree piercing the structure, resulting water damage is often covered, subject to deductible.

  • Burst frozen pipes coverage varies - some insurers classify as accident/water damage, some classify as preventative maintenance so deny coverage.

  • Backup of sewers or drains is specifically excluded from some policies but covered under endorsements on others for additional premium costs.

So while the potential for coverage exists, understanding exact policy terms around water damage is crucial when filing claims. Confirm details with your insurer prior to major remediation.

Helpful Tips on Water Damage Restoration #

As soon as you notice water damage, take photos and contact water damage contractors immediately. The faster your reaction is, the more likely the damage will be contained and the costs stay minimal.

Make sure you are positive on the root of the problem. Once the damage has been taken care of and mold cleaning has been performed, your next move is to permanently fix the cause of the damage.

Whether it is a leaky roof, bad window or door installation or a leaky toilet, have a professional contractor come in to fix whatever caused the water damage.

In most cases, overkill is never a bad thing. An extra tube of roof, window, or door caulking is a lot cheaper than having the leak come back.

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