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Dry Rot Repair Cost Guide | Pricing by Area and Severity

Last Updated: December 07, 2023

Summary: Wood Dry Rot Repair Prices #

A small, easy to access area of wood dry rot will cost $100 to $300 to repair.

Repairing siding dry rot typically costs around $1,000, but can run up to $2,500.

The price increases for structurally significant areas, such as floor joists, which could cost $4,000 to $12,000 to replace.

Cost to Repair Wood Dry Rot

Dry rot is a wood fungus that causes structural damage to timber. The name can be misleading, as dry rot occurs in moist conditions.

This is explained by the tendency of affected wood to become dry, brittle, and sometimes blocky-looking.

Keep reading to learn more about dry rot, including how much it costs to repair dry rot.

Dry Rot Repair Cost #

Dry rot repair or treatment typically costs $500 to $5,000+ on average for a home depending on severity factors:

  • Size of affected area - Small sections are cheaper to treat than major structural damage spanning floor joists, walls or roofs

  • Materials infected - Treating wood framing is more extensive than surface moldings or trim

  • Repair needs - From surface treatment to full wood replacement, costs escalate

  • Location accessibility - Easy to access attic space is cheaper than excavated foundations

For minor visible surface fungal growth, expect minor treatment starting at $200. However for advanced decomposition inside framing members or foundations requiring demolition/reconstruction costs run $3,000 to $10,000+. Get multiple inspection quotes.

The best recourse is addressing root causes like foundation moisture early before wood decay mushrooms into expensive rehabilitation projects. Don't ignore warning signs!t bear in mind that this approach might just buy you a few years.

Common Dry Rot AreaAverage Cost
Crawl Spaces$2,500

Real Dry Rot Repair Cost Examples #

  • "I had minor dry rot damage on my window trim that I caught early. A carpenter sanded away the moldy sections, treated the wood, and replaced just a few boards for $365." - Amanda T.

  • "There was spreading dry rot fungus inside my homes walls around a plumbing leak. Contractor had to cut open the wall, treat everything with fungicide, sister new studs, patch and paint which totaled $2,800." - Michael S.

  • "For a dry rot issue in our bathroom, the damaged wall framing and subfloor needed partial replacement which required opening up walls, trenching floors, treating and rebuilding the area - $7,500." - Melissa D.

  • "An HVAC leak causing dry rot across several floor joists and subflooring cost $8,900. Contractor repaired joists, treated surrounding areas, replaced plywood decking." - Steve W.

  • "Part of our roof structure had severe dry rot from a neglected leak. Contractor had to demolish sections of rafters, treat surrounding wood, install sistered rafters, replace decking and reshingle - $13,500." - Rob G.

  • "Long hidden landscape moisture against foundation wall led to such pervasive structural dry rot that we had to excavate, replace lower wall sections and posts, treat remaining surfaces - $42,800." - Jessica T.

As shown, fixing dry rot damage ranged from $500s for minor surface damage caught early up to $40,000+ for major structural rehabilitation in severe neglected cases.

Basic Information About Dry Rot #

While it's caused by tiny organisms, dry rot can cause large amounts of damage if not promptly repaired or replaced. The following information is a brief overview of dry rot and how it can affect you.

  • Although dry rot can occur in many places, the most common include bathrooms, decks, siding, crawlspaces, poorly designed and/or installed roofs, and around windows, sliding glass doors, and areas that contact soil.
  • If you live in an area with extreme climactic variations, this can damage wood and create an ideal breeding ground for dry rot fungi.
  • Failing to remove the dry rot-infested wood will result in the fungus spreading and causing additional damage. It could even provide an ideal habitat for pests that will compound the damage.
  • Dry rot damage can be confused with that caused by carpenter ants or termites. You can spot the former by the presence of clean cavities where the pests have removed wood and/or by spotting the insects themselves.
  • The best way to prevent dry rot is to eliminate excess moisture, whether it occurs from poor construction (such as exposed wood in a failed foundation) or natural wear (leaky pipes, for example).


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