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How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Land Surveyor?

Last Updated: January 20, 2022

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Hiring a land surveyor service is a necessary task if you have a question on where your property line is or if you are plotting some possible construction on a new lot of land. Don't think that the old marks of the property boundaries are still valid. Often times those are old and inaccurate.

Land Surveyor Costs #

The costs to survey an average residential home is $300 to $800. The cost will depend on the layout and accessibility. It will also be based on how complex the job is and how detailed the reports need to be. Furthermore, price will always vary from company to company.

Land Surveying For Existing Homes #

The biggest mistake you can make as a homeowner is not getting your land surveyed because of the cost of doing so. Getting your property lines established is necessary if you are installing a fence or planting trees anywhere close to your property line. Basically, anything you want to erect or take down close to your property line should be of concern. It's all good cause for hiring a land surveyor.

Discuss plans with your neighbors and tell them what you intend to do. Talking it over with your neighbor before hand and hiring a surveyor is a lot better than the alternative.

I once installed fences for a living. We ran into quite a few property line disputes that could have been avoided. If you do not get your land surveyed ahead of time you could be wrong about where your property line is. Your neighbor can legally make you move off his property line. You could be paying a fence company to put a fence up, take it down, and put it up again! You don't want that.

Questions To Ask Your Land Surveyor #

  • Have you performed land surveying on areas like this in the area before? What type of surveying do you regularly do?
  • How long will it take you to survey the land?
  • Do I need to have extra copies of the "land survey" for legal or documentary purposes?
  • Where are the traverse lines vs. property lines ?
  • What is the cost for hiring the land surveyor? Is the cost for the job or by the hour?
  • When is payment needed?
  • Are they going to file the "land survey" report anywhere and where will that be filed?

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