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How Much Does Fabric Protection Cost?

Last Updated: December 06, 2023

Ryan Maguire
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Fabric protection can be a great savior in those "whoops" moments.

Especially if your furniture is new or expensive you can wisely protect your investment with some fabric protection services. Once the damage is done it is often too late. Some messes just don't come out.

It is sensible to spend a little extra money on stain protection to make sure you can keep your furniture nice through daily life, because life can get a little messy.

Fabric Protection Prices #

The cost to hire a professional fabric protection service typically ranges from $200 to $500 on average depending on the size of the area being treated. Here is a breakdown of typical fabric protection pricing:

  • Sofas & Loveseats - $150 to $250
  • Sectional Sofa - $200 to $350
  • Chair or Recliner - $50 to $100 per chair
  • Dining Chairs - $3 to $5 per chair
  • Auto Interior - $100 to $250
  • Full Room Service (Chairs, Sofas, Drapes) - $300 to $600+

Additional cost factors:

  • Stain resistant treatments - $50 to $150 extra
  • Waterproofing sprays - $75 to $200 additional
  • Commercial shop discounts - $100+ off for bulk service

So for a typical whole home fabric protection package expect to budget $400 to $800+.

Fabric Protection Service

Real Fabric Protection Service Cost Examples #

  • "I hired a company to apply stain guard treatment to my new light colored sofa and loveseat. They charged $215 for the hydrophobic spray fabric protection, which gives me peace of mind with toddlers." - Amanda T.

  • "A mobile technician treated all the upholstered furniture in my living and family rooms to protect against dirt, spills and stains. With the chair, couch, loveseat and ottoman the total fabric protection cost was $425." - Michael S.

  • "I had a company treat all 8 dining chairs, living room couch, and 3 bar stools at my restaurant with a commercial grade fabric protectant. My total bill for protecting all seating was $375 including their bulk discount." - Melissa D.

  • "At my high end furniture store, we provide complimentary fabric protection treatment on all upholstered items sold. We bulk purchase the treatment service at $9 per chair or sofa from a national protector company to maintain showroom pieces." - Steve W.

As shown, costs for fabric protection services ranged widely from $50 per chair to $500+ for complete room packages based on the amount of furniture needing application and types of treatments.

Benefits of Fabric Protection #

  • Stain resistance - Protects against stains from spills, dirt, oil and grease
  • Soil resistance - Creates barrier to prevent absorption of soil and dust
  • Water resistance - Causes liquids to bead up rather than soak in
  • Ease of cleaning - Allows stains to be cleaned more easily
  • Durability - Reduces wear and tear on fabric from daily use
  • Color preservation - Minimizes fading from sunlight exposure
  • Odor resistance - Reduces retention of odors on fabric
  • Healthier indoor air - Discourages growth of mold, bacteria and dust mites
  • Fire resistance - Applies flame retardant properties in some cases
  • Maintains value - Extends life to protect furniture investments

Having upholstery professionally treated can save time and money in cleaning and replacement costs while preserving furnishings. Treatments typically last 1-5 years.

Things to Consider #

  • Scotchguard and similar products are not the same thing as professional fabric protection. That is the cheapest method of fabric protection on the market. Once it get wiped off or worn off you will need to reapply.

  • Many fabric protection companies will guarantee your fabrics after they have treated them. They will guarantee them against stains for a period of time, 1 to 3 years typically. If you get stain on your furniture, they may replace it! Be sure to find about what guarantees the stain protection service offers before hiring them.

  • The items that fabric protection services will cover in their contract will vary. Some cover stains and mishaps that others do not. Some guarantee protection for longer than others. It is very important to get the coverage you need.