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How Much Does Fabric Protection Cost?

Last Updated: January 20, 2022

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Fabric protection can be a great savior in those "whoops" moments. Especially if your furniture is new or expensive you can wisely protect your investment with some fabric protection services. Once the damage is done it is often too late. Some messes just don't come out. It is sensible to spend a little extra money on stain protection to make sure you can keep your furniture nice through daily life, because life can get a little messy.

Fabric Protection Prices #

Fabric protection costs $.10 to $.20 per square foot. You will probably need to put together at least $100 worth of work to make it worth it for a professional to come in. Fabric protection can be effective on carpet, couches, leather, upholstery, silk, drapes, etc. Is spending money on fabric protection worth the cost? It is worth the cost. It doesn't make your carpet impervious to absorbing spills but will prevent them from being permanently stained.

Benefits of fabric protection #

  • sunlight and UV rays
  • food stains
  • beverage stains
  • human and pet fluids

Things to Consider #

  • Scotchguard and similar products are not the same thing as professional fabric protection. That is the cheapest method of fabric protection on the market. Once it get wiped off or worn off you will need to reapply.
  • Many fabric protection companies will guarantee your fabrics after they have treated them. They will guarantee them against stains for a period of time, 1 to 3 years typically. If you get stain on your furniture, they may replace it! Be sure to find about what guarantees the stain protection service offers before hiring them.
  • The items that fabric protection services will cover in their contract will vary. Some cover stains and mishaps that others do not. Some guarantee protection for longer than others. It is very important to get the coverage you need.

Perhaps you have just purchased fabric protection services. Now, you want to test to see if it really works. Check out how to test your fabric protection.

Get free quotes from fabric protection companies in your local area! Talk to different companies, compare pricing, and choose the best deal for you!