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Fireplace Tiling Cost: Tile Types, Layout Factors & Real Owner Examples

Last Updated: December 15, 2023

If you already have a fireplace installed, you don't need to be sold on its virtues as a heat source, focal point for gatherings, and the perfect place to curl up and relax.

But aside from adding comfort to your home, your fireplace should enhance its beauty as well.

While brick and stone fireplaces provide rustic charm, it might be time to update your d├ęcor with fireplace tiles.

How Much Does It Cost to Tile a Fireplace? #

Installing tile on an existing fireplace or having a new tile fireplace built ranges $1,500 to $6,000 on average. Prices vary based on:

Tile Type

  • Ceramic tile: $3 to $10 per sq ft
  • Porcelain or mosaic tile: $5 to $50 per sq ft
  • Natural stone: $15 to $100+ per sq ft
  • Custom artistic tiles: $25 per tile and up

Installation Costs

  • Basic install labor: $800 - $1,200
  • Complex tile layouts: $150 - $250 per hour

Fireplace Surround Area

  • Hearth, front, & minimal surround: $1,500 - $2,500
  • Full floor-to-ceiling surround: $4,500 - $6,000

Hire a Stone Mason

  • Custom natural stone design: $80 - $150 per hour

Fireplace tile installation costs about $50 to $100 per square foot installed depending on materials and layout complexity. Get free estimates from tile contractors near you.

Modern Tile Fireplace

Real-World Fireplace Tiling Costs #

Here are some real-world quotes from homeowners on how much they paid to have their fireplaces tiled:

  • "I had an old brick fireplace that I wanted updated. I had subway tiles installed on the face and hearth for $1,100." - James T., Ohio

  • "My 1970's era rock facade fireplace was really dated. I had it tiled in a herringbone pattern with marble tiles for $2,300." - Anne B., California

  • "Wanted to get rid of the outdated bricks on my fireplace. Had an awesome stone mosaic design installed for $1,850." - Kevin R., Texas

  • "My fireplace just had painted drywall around it. I upgraded it with a beautiful quartz and stone mosaic tile surround for $3,100." - Olivia S., Florida

  • "I installed wood look porcelain plank tiles on the hearth and surround of our fireplace for $950 in materials. I did the work myself." - Noah P., Washington

  • "Upgraded our dated oak mantel fireplace with a handmade ceramic tile design custom created by a local artisan for $5,500." - Emma C., Oregon

As you see, fireplace tiling can range from $950 for DIY materials to $5,500+ for elaborate custom tile designs installed by a pro. Factors like tile type, complexity of the design, and pro vs DIY labor impact costs.

Types of Tiled Fireplaces #

Many homeowners opt to tile over their existing masonry fireplace, but you may be interested in building a tile fireplace from scratch. In either case, you'll need to first choose a fireplace tile variety, the most common of which include:

  • Natural Stone: A marble tile fireplace, slate tile fireplace, or granite tile fireplace is considered a relatively high-end product (provided you go with the real thing and not faux stone), but the beauty, strength, and durability of natural stone makes it an appealing option.
  • Ceramic: A ceramic tile fireplace won't be as tough as one made from natural stone. Still, ceramic is durable, easy to maintain, and available in a huge variety of colors, textures, and patterns.
  • Glass: If you're looking to make a stylistic splash, then the installation of a glass tile fireplace could be the way to go. Glass tiles, sold in multiple colors, shapes, and designs, will brighten up any room. And don't let the name fool you: glass tiles are strong and impermeable.
  • Mosaic: Made from glass, ceramic, porcelain, and other materials, a mosaic tile fireplace represents the ultimate in elaborate design. Used since Egyptian times, mosaic tiles let you create a truly one-of-a-kind design.

Note that more elaborate tile fireplace designs using terracotta, travertine, and metals such as copper and tin are additionally available. For more tiled fireplace ideas, check out, visit local stores for samples, or speak with a contractor.

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