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Oil Boiler Installation & Replacement Cost Guide

Last Updated: December 13, 2023

Oil boilers are typically used in areas such as the Northeast, where access to natural gas is limited.

This trend could change, however, as a new generation of oil fired boilers, capable of burning a mixture of heating oil and biodiesel, becomes more popular.

Oil Boiler Cost #

Installing or replacing an oil boiler costs $4,000 to $9,000 on average depending on type, brand, BTU needs and if converting from another heat source:

Oil Boiler

  • Standard efficiency: $2,000 - $4,000
  • High-efficiency: $4,000 - $6,500
  • Tankless coil boiler: $3,500 - $5,500


  • Remove old unit, install new boiler = $2,000 - $3,000
  • Permits, disposal fees if applicable

Old System Updates

  • Update piping, radiators for hot water heat = $3,000+
  • Convert ductwork for forced air systems = $5,000+


  • Annual tuneups: $200 - $300
  • Cleanings every 2-3 years: $150 - $250

Oil Boiler Cost

Real-World Oil Boiler Installation Costs #

Here are some real-world quotes from homeowners on how much they paid to have oil boilers installed or replaced:

  • "I needed to replace my 20 year old oil boiler that was dying. I paid $5,300 for a new high efficiency Buderus model and installation." - James D., Maine

  • "I converted from an electric furnace to oil hydronic heat. The Weil McLain boiler, radiators, piping and labor was $7,900. I'm saving a ton on bills now." - Anne B., New Hampshire

  • "Had an old steam boiler replaced with a newer, smaller ECR oil boiler with tankless coil for domestic hot water. Total install including new pipes and disposal was $6,100." - Brandon G., Vermont

  • "I had issues with my oil burner constantly going out. The technician diagnosed it as a bad cad cell that he replaced for only $210 including the service call fee." - Sabrina P., Connecticut

  • "I purchased an oil boiler/hot water heater combo unit for our off-grid home. With delivery and install of the 275 gal tank it was $4,800 after rebates." - Wendy S., Alaska

As you see, oil boiler installations typically range from $4,000 to $9,000 with high efficiency or tankless coil models, full system upgrades or conversions, and complex installs pushing the costs higher.

Top Rated Oil Boilers & Costs #

BrandAverage Cost Range
Weil-McLain$3,000 - $6,500
Burnham$2,800 - $6,000
Utica$2,200 - $5,000
Peerless$1,900 - $4,200
New Yorker$1,600 - $3,800

These are the top rated oil boiler brands on the market along with average price ranges to buy the unit and have professionally installed. Costs vary based on boiler efficiency rating, water or steam models, features, warranty and professional labor.

Weil McLain, Burnham and Utica tend to be tier 1 premium brands that cost more upfront but come with longer lifespans and better warranties.

Peerless and New Yorker are quality budget level oil boiler models.

Sizing an Oil Boiler - Required BTUs #

Home SizeBTU Output Needed
500 sq.ft.28,000-45,000 BTUs
1,000 sq.ft.45,000-55,000 BTUs
1,500 sq.ft.55,000-75,000 BTUs
2,000 sq.ft.75,000-90,000 BTUs
2,500 sq.ft.90,000-125,000 BTUs

To properly size an oil boiler, you need to calculate the BTU (British Thermal Unit) requirements based on square footage. As shown in the table:

  • 500 sq.ft. home needs 28,000 - 45,000 BTU boiler
  • 2,500 sq.ft. home needs 90,000 - 125,000 BTU boiler

An oversized boiler wastes energy. An undersized one won't heat properly. Consult HVAC pros on your needs.

Oil Boiler Types #

There are a few main types of oil boilers to consider:

Boiler TypeDescription
Hot Water Oil BoilersCirculate heated water via pipes and radiators. Provide even, efficient heat.
Steam Oil BoilersOlder boilers that emit steam to heat. Less efficient than hot water.
Combi Oil BoilersDual function unit for heat + hot water. More expensive upfront.
Standard Efficiency Oil Boilers80-85% efficient. Lower upfront costs.
High-Efficiency Oil Boilers90-98% efficient. Higher upfront price but save on fuel costs.
Tankless Coil Oil BoilersHeats water instantly without a storage tank. Avoid tank corrosion and leaks.

Weil McLain, Burnham, Utica and Buderus make some of the highest rated oil boiler models across efficiency ranges. Choosing the right system for your heating needs is essential.

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