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Gas Fireplaces: Costs, Types & Installation Tips

Last Updated: December 14, 2023

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If a room or area of your home requires additional heating, consider installing a gas fireplace.

An elegant alternative to wood-burning fireplaces and plug-in heaters, gas fireplaces provide the beauty of a roaring fire without the smoke, dust and ash.

With advances in technology such as realistic looking gas fireplace logs, now is the perfect time to add the beauty of open flames to a room in your home.

Gas Fireplace Cost #

Installing a new gas fireplace costs $2,500 to $4,500 on average for the unit and professional installation:

Gas Fireplace Unit

  • Basic model: $1,500 - $3,000
  • High-end luxury: $5,000+

Installation Costs

  • Gas line hookups: $500 - $1,500
  • Venting through roof/wall: $500 - $1,500
  • Framing, finish work: $1,000 - $2,000

Fireplace Surround

  • Stone or brick surround: $1,500 - $3,000
  • Mantels & custom trim: $500+

Operating Costs

  • Natural gas model: $150 - $300 yearly
  • Propane model: $300 - $500 yearly

Electric ignition gas inserts tend to be more affordable than manual match-lit models.

Outdoor installations often cost less than indoor. Get 3+ quotes before hiring.

Gas Fireplace Cost

Real-World Gas Fireplace Costs #

Here are some real-world quotes from homeowners on how much they paid to have gas fireplaces installed:

  • "I had a basic vent-free gas fireplace unit put in when finishing my basement. The 36" firebox, gas pipe, and installation was $2,300." - Brandon D., New Jersey

  • "I purchased a high-end see through dual sided 60" gas fireplace showpiece for my living room remodel. With the hand-laid brick surround the total installed cost was $7,800." - Anne B., Wisconsin

  • "I converted my existing wood burning fireplace over to a gas insert model. The 36" insert, gas line, venting modifications, and installation cost me $3,400 total." - James G., Florida

  • "Had an outdoor corner fire pit installed that runs on natural gas. With the fireglass media, burner unit, piping and labor the job was $3,100." - Sabrina P, Utah

  • "I purchased a factory-built linear gas fireplace and had contractors enclose it into my family room accent wall. Total cost was $4,900 with the installation." - Wendy F., Colorado

As you see, installed gas fireplace costs typically range from $2,300 on the low-end for basic inserts and prefab units, up to $7,800+ for elaborate custom showpieces with high-end materials and detailing.

Types of Gas Fireplaces #

It is possible to purchase gas fireplaces that run off of either natural gas or propane.

The choice, obviously, will depend on what type of fuel you currently use for home heating.

Your other option when it comes to purchasing a gas stove, how it is vented, is a slightly more complicated decision.

The three major types of gas stoves are top vented, direct vented, and ventless (or vent-free). Each is described in more detail below.

  • Top Vented: Top-vented gas fireplaces vent via a chimney, either directly through an existing metal or masonry chimney, or with the help of an installed aluminum gas pipe known as a "B-Vent." If using an existing chimney, some modifications may be necessary.
  • Direct Vented: Unlike top-vented fireplaces, direct vent gas fireplaces do not require a chimney. Instead, ventilation is achieved by the use of a hole in the wall directly behind or above the fireplace. A direct-vent pipe allows for more installation flexibility, as the appliance does not need to be located near a chimney. Hence, the unit is sometimes referred to as a freestanding gas fireplace.
  • Ventless: A vent free gas fireplace requires neither a chimney nor ductwork. A technician merely installs a gas line to the fireplace and it's good to go. In this case carbon monoxide detectors ensure your home is safe and to provide maximum safety, it is important to select a unit that is appropriately-sized for the area it is intended to be used in. Ventless gas fireplaces not only provide for placement flexibility, but also have minimal installation costs.

Note that there are a number of popular gas fireplace accessories, including remote controls, wall switches, blowers, and wall thermostats.

Finally, homeowners who wish to convert their existing wood fireplace into a gas fireplace have a couple of major options.

They choose between a gas fireplace kit (or gas log kit), which provides the look of real burning logs, or a gas fireplace inserts that are placed inside the fireplace.

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