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Soundproofing Your Home: Costs, Materials & Quotes

Last Updated: October 25, 2023

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It feels great to be loud sometimes. Sometimes fun involves making some noise. Luckily, there are lots of soundproofing techniques that can help you achieve this. Keeping sound contained is part of good architectural design. It is also a good architectural improvement for any noisy area. In this article you will find techniques that will allow you to keep sound in, or out, whichever you are trying to achieve.

The ability of a material to block sound is measured by a rating called the Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC). It runs on a scale of 1 to 100. The ability of a material to absorb sound is measured by a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC).

There is a variety of ways to soundproof a room. From insulation to acoustical tiles that rest on the outside of the wall, there are many ways you can maximize the soundproofing capabilities of your space.

Too much noise can have a serious impact on mental health. According to this article from it can cause hypertension, stress, and high anxiety levels that can ultimately have a large impact on our well-being.

Types of Soundproofing and Pricing #

Here are some of the main types of soundproofing used in homes:

Soundproofing MethodDescriptionEstimated Cost
InsulationBatt insulation in walls/ceilings absorbs sound vibrations. Types include fiberglass, rockwool, cellulose.Fiberglass - $0.30-0.50/sq ft
Rockwool - $1-1.50/sq ft
Cellulose - $1-1.50/sq ft
Soundproof DrywallSpecial drywall with noise damping compounds reduces airborne noise transmission. Brands include QuietRock, SoundBreak XP.QuietRock - $2/sq ft installed
SoundBreak XP - $3/sq ft
Green Glue + Drywall - $1.50/sq ft
Sound Clips/ChannelMetal clips decouple drywall from studs. Resilient channels isolate walls. Reduces sound transfer.Resilient channel - $0.50-0.80/sq ft
Sound isolation clips - $0.30-0.60/clip
SealantsCaulk, putty, gaskets seal gaps where sound leaks through. Good for windows, outlets.Acoustical caulk - $6-8/tube
Acoustic putty - $10-20/case
Gaskets - $0.20-0.40/ft
Damping CompoundsGreen glue, acoustic sealant, resilient channels applied to drywall to dampen vibrations.Green glue - $0.70/sq ft
Acoustic sealant - $0.50/sq ft
Resilient channel - $0.50-0.80/sq ft
Mass Loaded VinylHeavy MLV vinyl sheeting blocks sound transmission well.1 lb/sq ft MLV - $1-1.50/sq ft
2 lb/sq ft MLV - $2-3/sq ft
Acoustic PanelsFiberglass or foam panels absorb rather than reflect sound. Mounted on walls/ceilings.$50-200 each depending on size
FlooringFloating floors, carpets, underlayment make a difference, especially for impact noise.Acoustic underlayment - $0.20-0.40/sq ft
Floating floors - $4-8/sq ft
Solid Core DoorsInsulated doors with gaskets/sweeps prevent sound flanking between rooms.Interior door - $250-600 each
Exterior door - $1000-1500

Real-World Soundproofing Quotes #

Here are some additional real-life pricing quotes for installed soundproofing from homeowners' accounts:

  • "We hired a contractor to install Green Glue noiseproofing sealant and extra drywall on our downstairs ceiling. It cost $1,650 to soundproof the ceiling below our noisy upstairs bedroom."

  • "Had a soundproofing company add isolator clips, double stud walls, and insulated drywall to the home theater room. The total price was $5,500 including materials and labor."

  • "I spent $475 on supplies from Amazon including mass loaded vinyl, acoustic caulk, and door seals. Did the soundproofing myself in our upstairs rental to reduce noise."

  • "We installed new closed cell spray foam insulation in our attic and it made a huge difference deadening noise. The insulation cost $1,200 to do the whole attic."

  • "Added a second layer of drywall with Green Glue on one shared wall in our condo. Materials and labor totaled $1,350 for that one wall."

  • "Hired a contractor to install resilient channels and QuietRock with Green Glue for the bedroom wall attaching our neighbor. It cost $2,800 for that bedroom."

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