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How Much Does Storm Door Installation Cost? Price Ranges & Examples

Last Updated: October 24, 2023

A storm door is a necessary shield between your main door to the interior space of your home or business and the interior. It will be a barrier that will help provide an extra layer of insulation between the indoors and outdoors. It will also stifle the air flow traveling from outdoors to the indoors. Installing a storm door will make a giant impact on the property's insulation, and therefore, help keep heating and cooling costs down.

Storm Door Installation Cost #

  • Basic installation of an average-sized storm door typically ranges from $150 to $400. Most homeowners spend $200 to $300 for a contractor to install a new storm door.

  • Simple, DIY installation with no special requirements generally costs $100 to $200 in materials if you install the door yourself.

  • For a more complex installation that involves modifying the existing door frame, repairing wall or siding damage, disposing of an old door, and other extra work, expect to spend $300 to $500 or more.

  • Your geographic location also impacts storm door installation cost. In high labor cost urban areas, average installation may run $350 to $450. In lower cost rural areas, you may pay $175 to $275 for the same basic job.

  • Additional charges may apply for installing a custom size storm door, adding decorative features like etched glass or wrought iron, disposing of a heavy existing door, and other non-standard project requirements. These can add $50 to $100+ onto your total costs.

Real-Life Storm Door Installation Cost Examples #

Here are some real-life examples of what storm door installation has cost homeowners:

  • I paid $225 to have a contractor install a new Larson storm door on my single front entrance. The job took about 2 hours and included taking away my old door for disposal.

  • For my double front doors, I was charged $340 by a handyman to install new matching storm doors. There was a little extra carpentry work involved to modify the door jambs to fit the new doors.

  • I spent $485 to have a high-end wood and etched glass storm door installed on my side entry door. This included custom sizing the door and adding decorative trim molding to match my home's aesthetic.

  • It cost me $185 in supplies to install three basic Lowe's storm doors on my rear basement entrances myself. Since these were simple DIY installs directly replacing old doors, I saved hundreds on labor.

  • I was quoted $520 for a front door storm door installation because my entry door is recessed and would need the brick molding modified. I decided that was too high for my budget.

  • To install a storm door on my garage entry, I paid a handyman $280. He had to repair siding and make sure the door sealed properly on the uneven concrete.

As you can see, most real-world storm door installation costs fall in the $200 to $500 range. Simple DIY installs can even cost under $200. Get multiple quotes to find the best price for your specific project.

Pricing for Top Storm Door Brands #

BrandPrice RangeDescription
Larson$100 to $800+Wide range from basic to high-end
Andersen$400 to $1,200+Known for quality and variety
Pella$250 to $1,500+Aluminum and wood models
JELD-WEN$150 to $1,000Affordable to high-end options
EMCO$180 to $600Competitively priced models
Plastpro$350 to $700Known for composite doors

Benefits of Installing Storm Doors #

  • Energy efficiency - Storm doors create an extra barrier against drafts and air leaks, providing additional insulation. This can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

  • Weather protection - Storm doors shield your main entry door from rain, snow, wind, pollen, and other outdoor elements that can damage it over time.

  • Added security - The extra door provides more security against unwanted entry into your home. Some storm doors can be equipped with locks.

  • Natural light - Many storm doors have full glass or screen panels to allow natural light into your entryway while still protecting you from the weather.

  • Increased curb appeal - Attractive storm doors can enhance the look of your home's exterior and add decorative flair. They come in styles to match most homes.

  • Improved pest protection - Screens on storm doors help keep insects and other pests from entering your house through the entryway.

  • Ventilation - Doors with screens allow fresh air flow into your home while the glass and screen keep out the elements.

  • Durability - Storm doors are designed to withstand weather exposure and protect your expensive interior entry door, extending its life.

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