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How Much Does a Storm Door Cost?

Last Updated: January 14, 2022

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A storm door is a necessary shield between your main door to the interior space of your home or business and the interior. It will be a barrier that will help provide an extra layer of insulation between the indoors and outdoors. It will also stifle the air flow traveling from outdoors to the indoors. Installing a storm door will make a giant impact on the property's insulation, and therefore, help keep heating and cooling costs down.

You can purchase a storm door at a cost of $75 to $400. You can purchase an inexpensive storm door at a price of $75 to $200. These storm doors will not typically be "full view" storm doors or have glass window panes. They are typically plastic window panes that do not cover the entire area of the storm door. Also, the hardware will be made from metal and not brass or nickel like found in more expensive storm doors.

You can find expensive storm doors for $200 to $400. These storm doors are going to be made with higher quality materials than the less expensive models. They may have more expensive hardware such as brass or nickel. They will have "full view" glass window panes that will allow a fuller area of viewing than their cheaper alternatives.

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How much does storm door installation cost? #

Storm door installation will cost $200 to $400. It will take a professional half a day to a full day to install a storm door. The length of time it will take depends on the complexity of the installation. If the installation is straightforward then it will take less time, and therefore, cost less. If the installer needs to do wood work on the door frame or make altercations to the existing setup then it may take longer, and therefore, cost more. It is an extremely rare case for a storm door installation to take more than one day.

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