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Stained Glass Window Costs - What to Expect for New Installation or Repairs

Last Updated: October 24, 2023

Stained glass was popularized by the Catholic Church, which around the 12th century began using the colored windows to artistically depict scenes from the Bible. Although you're still most likely to see them used in churches and cathedrals, stained glass windows can also be installed in homes. Premade or custom made glass mosaics are available to fit any window size, and if you have a fondness for religious relics, you might even be able to salvage an old window from a church. Stained glass, furthermore, isn't strictly for windows. Use it for cabinets, shower doors, slider doors, custom mirrors, privacy screens, or any other area of the home where you want to add beauty and character.

Stained Glass Window Cost #

Here are typical costs for stained glass windows:

  • Pre-made stained glass panels - $150 to $500 per sq ft

  • Custom stained glass windows - $200 to $1,500+ per sq ft

  • Simple geometric designs - $200 to $800 per sq ft

  • Complex custom scenes/portraits - $500 to $1,500+ per sq ft

  • Small accent windows (1-2 sq ft) - $300 to $1,000

  • Large feature windows (10+ sq ft) - $2,000 to $10,000+

Cost factors:

  • Custom vs pre-made design

  • Complexity of design

  • Type of glass used

  • Size of window

  • Professional installation

In general, expect to spend $500 to $1,000 per square foot for a high-quality custom stained glass window installed. Simpler pre-made panels cost less. Get free estimates from local glass artists or window contractors to determine exact costs.

Real-Life Stained Glass Window Costs #

Here are some real-life examples of what homeowners paid for stained glass windows:

  • I paid $750 for a 2 sq ft pre-made frank lloyd wright style stained glass panel I installed myself above my front door.

  • My neighbor spent $1,200 to have a local artist make and install a custom abstract 1 sq ft stained glass window in her bathroom.

  • I was quoted $3,500 from a glass studio to have a custom 3x5 ft stained glass reproduction of Van Gogh's Starry Night installed in my stairwell.

  • A friend hired an artist on Etsy to create and mail her two 1 sq ft custom pet portrait panels for $350 each, which her husband installed for her.

  • I saw a home listing where the previous owners had a massive custom floral stained glass window installed. It spanned 20 sq ft and allegedly cost over $15,000!

  • My brother-in-law splurged on three custom Frank Lloyd Wright inspired panels that cost $1,800 each, or $5,400 total, for his front entryway.

  • I chose more affordable pre-made panels that cost $250 per sq ft installed, totaling $1,000 for my 4 sq ft window over the kitchen sink.

As you can see, costs vary widely based on custom vs. pre-made and the size and complexity of the design. Small panels under 3 sq ft can cost $500-1,500+ installed, while large custom windows easily cost $5,000+.

Stained Glass Repair Costs #

The cost to repair stained glass can vary greatly depending on the amount of damage and complexity of the repair. Here are some typical price ranges:

  • Minor cracks/chips - $50 to $300 per pane
  • Releading (resealing seams) - $100 to $500 per panel
  • Section replacement - $150 to $1,000 per sq ft
  • Full restoration - $300 to $1,500 per sq ft

Factors affecting cost:

  • Amount of damage - Small cracks vs large broken sections
  • Custom work involved - Matching existing patterns/colors
  • Age and delicacy - Requiring extra care and precision
  • Location accessibility - Height, ability to remove pane

For minor cracks and chips, expect to pay $100 to $500 for an experienced stained glass repair specialist to restore the window. Larger section replacement or full restorations often run $1,000 to $5,000 or more. Always get multiple quotes.

Real-Life Stained Glass Repair Costs #

Here are some real-life stained glass repair costs from homeowners:

  • I paid $175 to have a small 4 inch crack repaired in one pane of my front door stained glass panel.

  • It cost me $350 to have a stained glass artist fix two broken sections in my bathroom window by re-leading and replacing the damaged pieces.

  • I was quoted $850 to replace a 1 foot square portion of a large floral stained glass window that was damaged by a falling tree branch.

  • My neighbor paid a specialist $425 to repair several chips along the edges of his antique stained glass panel and polish the glass.

  • A friend hired a pro to completely restore four stained glass windows that had deteriorated lead and broken sections. The full restoration for all windows cost $2,800.

  • A historic church paid over $12,000 for full restoration work on a massive 20 x 8 foot stained glass window over the altar that had extensive damage.

  • It cost me $95 for a quick fix when my cat cracked a small section of my kitchen window pane.

As you can see, costs range widely from $50 for minor chips up to $10,000+ for extensive restoration of large, intricate stained glass pieces. Older antique windows often require the most extensive repairs.

Stained Glass Window Price Considerations #

Installing stained glass is a specialty project and, as such, it can be quite pricey, especially if you are having a mosaic hand-crafted by an artisan for a larger window. Still, if you have your heart set on this unique architectural feature, stained glass doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive. Below is a list of factors that affect the cost of stained glass windows. Take them into account in order to find a window that meets your budget.

  • It's possible to purchase premade stained glass in stores or over the internet. While these factory-made units cost less, selection is limited to what's on the shelf.
  • Having a custom image designed from scratch will raise costs. It's generally cheaper to approach an artist or design studio after you've got an image picked out, whether it's based an existing stained glass window, a photograph, or a popular image (such as a painting).
  • Designs that encompass numerous shapes, curves, and colors require more labor to create and therefore cost significantly more than simpler designs.
  • The color, as well as the quality, of the glass affects price. Red, pink, and yellow, are more expensive colors; use them sparingly to cut costs. Handmade or exotic glass can be substituted for lower-cost standard glass.
  • Other materials, including copper foil and solder, are used to make stained glass. Larger, more complex windows require more of these materials.
  • Stained glass window installation costs extra; how much extra depends on window size and whether the stained glass can fit over the existing window. Resizing a window or installing a frame that accommodate the stained glass will be considerably more expensive than fitting stained glass over an existing window.

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