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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Screen Door?

Last Updated: January 14, 2022

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It's healthy to let in fresh air on a daily basis. A screen door is a simple addition that allows you to leave the door open and enjoy the fresh air. It can be uncomfortable or unsafe to leave the door wide open with no screen. Pests have opportunity to enter your home, pets can get out, and small children can wander. Simply put, a doorway is better with a screen.

This article speaks to the importance of fresh air and air for healthy living: The importance of fresh air.

A screen door serves two purposes: to let air flow through and to act as a barrier between the indoors and the outdoors. They are made from are many different materials. There are metal screen doors, various types of wood screen doors, composite screen doors, and PVC screen doors. Styles of screen doors include simple cookie-cutter screen doors, custom screen doors, single and double sliding screen doors, screens for French doors, security screen doors and dual-purpose screen/storm doors. The type of exterior door and size of the door opening will determine what type of screen door you can use. For example, a sliding glass patio door will require a sliding screen door, and a French door will require a French screen door, etc.

How Much Will It Cost? #

A typical 6'8" x 3' screen door costs between $30 and $70, depending on the material it is. PVC and metal screen doors are cheapest, while hardwood screen doors are the most expensive. Custom screen doors can range upwards of $500. If you have an unusually-sized door opening or want a natural wood look to your screen door, you may have to have a custom door manufacturer build you a screen door. Mahogany screen doors are typically installed when a natural wood is desired due to its resistance to the elements and moisture. Security screen doors will range from $50-$100; the added cost is due to the extra hardware to be installed. French screen doors and double sliding screen doors can cost up to $100 a panel as well primarily due to the added hardware necessary for proper installation.

Storm screen doors are typically used in 4-season climates. They give some added insulation while, still, letting in ample sunlight. They come with screen and storm panels, which are interchangeable and installation takes just a few seconds. A typical metal storm screen door will cost around $100, while a custom storm screen door may be as much as $750.

Screen Door Installation Costs #

Most screen doors can be installed for under $200, with some being between $50 and $100. Unfortunately, no matter how simple the installation, a professional will always charge at least $50 due to the driving time and loss of other hourly business. Some installations, such as screens for French doors and double sliding doors, may require repairing sill damage and/or shimming to get the doors to meet right and can cost up to $300. Typical home installations will be in the $50-$100 range however.

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