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The Complete Guide to Screen Door Costs: What to Expect for New Installation

Last Updated: October 23, 2023

Ryan Maguire
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It's healthy to let in fresh air on a daily basis. A screen door is a simple addition that allows you to leave the door open and enjoy the fresh air. It can be uncomfortable or unsafe to leave the door wide open with no screen. Pests have opportunity to enter your home, pets can get out, and small children can wander. Simply put, a doorway is better with a screen.

This article speaks to the importance of fresh air and air for healthy living: The importance of fresh air.

A screen door serves two purposes: to let air flow through and to act as a barrier between the indoors and the outdoors. They are made from are many different materials. There are metal screen doors, various types of wood screen doors, composite screen doors, and PVC screen doors. Styles of screen doors include simple cookie-cutter screen doors, custom screen doors, single and double sliding screen doors, screens for French doors, security screen doors and dual-purpose screen/storm doors. The type of exterior door and size of the door opening will determine what type of screen door you can use. For example, a sliding glass patio door will require a sliding screen door, and a French door will require a French screen door, etc.

Screen Door Prices #

The cost of a new screen door typically ranges from $100 to $500, with most homeowners paying $150 to $300 on average. Factors that influence screen door prices include:

  • Material - Fiberglass, aluminum, wood, vinyl. Fiberglass is the most expensive, vinyl is the cheapest.

  • Size - Larger door dimensions cost more. Standard sizes are 36" x 80".

  • Features - Options like pet-resistant screening, self-closing hinges, and security locks add cost.

  • Type - Pre-hung doors cost more than screen inserts. French screen doors tend to be more expensive.

  • Brand - Premium brands like Pella and Andersen are pricier than basic contractors' brands.

  • Customization - Getting a door fully customized to your specs costs more than pre-fabricated options.

  • Installation - Pro installation averages $150-$200 for labor on top of the door cost.

Basic contractor-grade aluminum screen doors start around $100-150. High-end wood or fiberglass doors with custom details can cost $400-500 or more. Getting quotes from local door contractors is the best way to estimate your total project cost.

Contractor Screen Door Installation Quotes #

"I paid my handyman $250 to install a basic pre-hung aluminum screen door I bought at the home center."

"For a nicer large vinyl screen door with a security lock, my contractor charged $375 including materials and labor."

"It cost me $425 total for a local company to measure, custom order, and install a mahogany wood screen door."

"I was quoted $350 by a screen door company to remove my old door and install a new fiberglass door with pet-resistant mesh."

"My contractor charged $515 total for a custom-sized Pella screen door insert with self-closing hinges and added trim details."

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