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Pella Window Prices, Installation Costs, and Types

Last Updated: October 23, 2023

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Pella, named after the small Dutch Iowa community where the founding Kuyper family lived, remains family-owned to this day. Combining Midwestern family values with innovative designs and a commitment to environmental stewardship, Pella and is the second largest window and door manufacturer in the nation. The company's windows are infused with thoughtful details meant to save homeowners money and make daily life easier. And thanks to Pella's outstanding customer service, you'll have support before, during, and after your purchase. To learn more about the benefits of Pella windows and Pella window costs, continue reading this buying guide.

Pella Window Prices #

The cost of Pella windows is subject to regional variations due to local pricing. Furthermore, generalized Pella window pricing is difficult to obtain because many of the company's windows are custom designed and built for homes. The pricing information below, then, is only designed to provide a general overview of some of the company's most popular windows.

  • A Pella 24" x 24" vinyl dual-pane window costs around $85-$115
  • A Pella ThermaStar vinyl window measuring roughly 32" x 54" might cost $150-$200
  • A Pella ThermaStar vinyl window measuring approximately 53-72" x 48" costs around $200-$300
  • A Pella wood, dual-pane 30-32" x 54-58" window costs roughly $200-$300
  • A Pella 29" x 59" casement twin vinyl window costs approximately $250-$350
  • A Pella 36" x 60" dual pane single-hung vinyl window might cost $300-$400
  • Pella bay and bow windows cost around $500-$1,500+ per window

On average, Pella windows range from about $300 on the low end for a basic vinyl window up to $2,500+ for a large custom wood window with high-end features and glass. Expect to pay $600-$1,500 for most mid-range Pella windows.

In addition to the actual Pella window cost you will also have to pay for installation. The price can vary based on the type and size of window, the difficulty of the job, and other factors. In general, however, for Pella window installation you can expect to pay around $100 to $400 per window for typical replacement windows and $1,000 to $1,500 per window for a bay or bow window.

Real-World Pella Window Installation Quotes" #

"I was quoted $375 per window to install Pella vinyl sliders in my home. With 9 windows total, the full price was $3,375."

"For 5 basic Pella double-hung windows, my contractor charged $425 each for materials and installation. The total came to $2,125."

"We paid $950 per window for 3 large custom Pella wood casements with triple pane glass. Our overall bill was $2,850."

"I got an estimate of $1,100 per window from Pella for installing 2 aluminum-clad awning windows with blinds built in. The full quote was $2,200."

"My contractor charged me $725 per window for 4 fiberglass Pella picture windows. Including installation, the total project cost was $2,900."

Reasons to Buy Pella Windows #

Whether you're a building a new home or replacing your home's existing windows, Pella windows are an excellent choice for many reasons, including the following:

  • Superior customer service: There are 200 Pella showrooms located across the country, making it easy to choose products and receive prompt warranty service. Pella also has a network of certified contractors and a national team of service specialists who are specially trained to make sure your buying and ownership experience is a pleasant one.
  • Quality construction and beautiful designs: Pella windows are crafted in the company's state-of-the-art facilities and tested under the most rigorous conditions, including acid rain, extreme humidity, high wind, and scorching sun. But Pella windows are more than just tough; a fine attention to detail and a large selection of finishes make for windows that look beautiful in any home.
  • Environmental responsibility: From using recycled materials to minimizing pollution to being named an Energy Star partner of the year for five straight years, Pella has proven that it is committed to safeguarding the environment.
  • Cost efficiency: Pella's energy efficient windows can help you save money in heating and cooling costs and might even entitle you to a federal tax credit.

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