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Time Doctor Pricing: Choose the Plan That Fits Your Business Needs and Budget

Last Updated: May 11, 2023

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About Time Doctor #

Time Doctor was founded in 2011 by Liam Martin and Rob Rawson. The company was originally named Staff.com and was intended to help businesses find and manage remote workers. In 2012, the founders shifted their focus to time tracking and rebranded the company as Time Doctor. Since then, Time Doctor has grown to become a leading time tracking and productivity management software used by businesses worldwide.

Time Doctor Pricing #

The cost of Time Doctor varies depending on the plan and the number of users. Time Doctor offers three pricing plans:

  • Basic plan: $7 per user per month (includes time tracking, productivity reporting, and website and application monitoring).
  • Standard plan: $10 per user per month (includes all features of the Basic plan, plus payroll, project and task management, and integrations with other software).
  • Premium plan: $20 per user per month (includes all features of the Standard plan, plus concierge account setup, VIP support, and access to Time Doctor's API).

Pros and Cons of Time Doctor #



  • Limited customization
  • Security concerns
  • Mobile app limitations
  • Learning curve
  • Higher price point

Additional Features Offered by Time Doctor #

Time Doctor offers several additional services besides employee time tracking, including:

  • Productivity management: In addition to tracking time, Time Doctor also provides productivity management features such as website and application monitoring, distraction alerts, and productivity scoring.

  • Payroll and billing integration: Time Doctor can integrate with payroll and billing systems, making it easier for businesses to track employee hours and generate accurate invoices and payroll reports.

  • Project management: Time Doctor allows businesses to assign tasks and track the time spent on specific projects, helping teams stay on track and meet project deadlines.

  • Client billing: Businesses can use Time Doctor to track the time spent on client projects and generate accurate invoices based on the time tracked.

  • Customizable reports: Time Doctor provides customizable reports that allow businesses to view time and productivity data in a variety of formats, making it easier to analyze employee performance and identify areas for improvement.

Time Doctor Reviews #

  1. A marketing manager from a small business said that Time Doctor has been a lifesaver for their team and helped improve productivity and time management. They also mentioned the software's fantastic reporting features and the ability to track time across different projects and tasks.

  2. An operations director from a mid-sized business said that Time Doctor has been a great addition to their business, allowing them to track time and productivity across different teams and projects. They also noted the software's user-friendly interface and responsive customer support team.

  3. A freelancer initially had concerns about the accuracy of Time Doctor's time tracking data but was impressed with its accuracy after using it for a few weeks. They found the software helpful in staying on top of their workload and being more productive overall, although it can be overwhelming to use at first.

  4. A small business owner said they tried Time Doctor for a few months but ultimately switched to a different time tracking software. While they acknowledged that Time Doctor has great features, they found it too complex for their needs as a small business and had some issues with software syncing. They suggested it might be a better fit for larger businesses with more complex time tracking needs.


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