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The Cost of Construction Storage Containers: A Comprehensive Guide

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Construction storage containers are used for a variety of applications, such as securing potentially dangerous materials (combustibles, solvent, welding equipment, etc.), securing valuable materials, or simply storing extra supplies and tools. These containers are incredibly useful on just about any jobsite.

Why You Need a Construction Storage Container #

Utilizing a construction storage container on site comes with a host of benefits, including:

  • Accessibility: It is essential that you are able to easily access equipment and tools on the job. Quick access to necessary supplies greatly improves efficiency and allows workers to finish the job faster. Construction storage containers not only grant you easy access to all of your needed tools, but allows for customizations and upgrades that allow you to organize and sort all of your equipment. Popular add-ons include cabinets, lift ramps, pipe racks, and shelving.
  • Regulations and insurance: In some cases, you may be required to securely store certain equipment or materials that could be considered dangerous if stolen. A construction storage container is a great way to keep materials safely away from would-be thieves while still keeping it easily accessible. It is important to note, however, that you should always check city, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), local, and state guidelines to see if you need a permit or a specific type of container. It is also recommended that you add a damage waiver to your container that covers any necessary repairs.
  • Security: Construction storage containers offer a high level of security. Each type and unit is set up to allow for just about any type or combination of lock or security device. This ensures that you can construct a suitable security measure for your equipment and supplies. Storage containers also offer protection for supplies that are sensitive to the elements, such as cement or fertilizers.

What to Look For in a Construction Storage Container #

When looking at construction storage containers, one of the most important things you need to consider is the condition of the unit. Whether you purchase new or used, have the container inspected before you buy it.

Though you can consult your supplier or hire someone to inspect it, it is recommended that you do it yourself. This ensures an unbiased inspection and that you are able to select any add-ons that might be necessary. Inspect the unit for dents, door issues, holes, odors, and rust. The size of the unit is also important. Larger sizes allow for more storage, but if you do not need the extra space, then a larger container probably isn't worth the extra cost.

Construction Storage Container Size #

Construction storage containers generally come in two sizes:

  • 20' containers: These units are primarily used for storing construction equipment, supplies, and tools. Larger sites sometimes use multiple 20' containers to separate individual types of materials and tools. This container size is also sometimes adapted to be used as guard or security shacks, as they can be set up with electrical hookups, purpose-built accessories, and walk-in doors. 20' units are highly portable, making them ideal for transfer from job to job.

  • 40' containers: At twice the size, 40' containers can do everything their smaller counterparts do – and more. They offer plenty of space to store large amounts of equipment, supplies, tools, and various add-ons. Forty-foot construction storage containers can also be adapted for use as workshops or to store large equipment, such as forklifts or skip loaders.

How Much Do Construction Storage Shipping Containers Cost? #

The cost of construction storage shipping containers depends on the type of container you choose, condition of the container, whether it is new or used, and the supplier you purchase from. Here is a general pricing guide to provide an idea of what you can expect to pay for your construction storage container:

  • A new 20' standard container has an average cost of $3,000, with used units having an average cost of $2,100.
  • A new 20' high cube container has an average cost of $3,200, with used units having an average cost of $2,200.
  • A new 40' standard container has an average cost of $5,600, with used units having an average cost of $2,850.
  • A new 40' high cube container has an average cost of $5,800, with used units having an average cost of $2,950.

Construction Storage Shipping Container Add Ons #

There are multiple add-ons available for storage containers that allow you to maximize their potential for your needs. Common add-ons include extra doors, locks, paint jobs, ramps, and shelving. However, it should be noted that add-ons do increase the total cost of your container:

  • Adding dual-entry doors to your storage container has an average cost of $750.
  • Purchasing door locks for your storage container comes at an average cost of $250.
  • Putting in a ramp has an average cost of $100.
  • Having shelves added to your storage container has an average cost of $500.


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