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How Much Does a Retail POS System Cost?

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Retail Point of Sale System Prices

The exponential growth of technology has made retail point of sale (POS) systems not only more affordable and powerful. They are now the new standard in how retail stores do business. While electronic cash registers are sufficient to keep track of money, a powerful, high-tech POS system comes packed with features that will help you increase efficiency, speed up checkout times, track spending and sales, and most importantly, save money. It doesn't matter if you operate a single, small-scale location, a national chain with thousands of locations, or anything in-between. You can find a POS system that fits your needs.

Although retail POS systems typically cost more up front, it's only a matter of time before your investment pays for itself. Once you learn about everything a POS system can do for your business, you'll probably agree that you can't afford to not have one in your store. The benefits of a point of sale system include:

  • Better Efficiency: Buying the right retail POS system is like hiring an overachieving new employee. Put your system to work phoning in purchase orders, tracking sales trends in real time, generating reports, and making sure customers get in and out quicker with fewer transaction errors.
  • Improved Customer Relations: How do you turn a shopper into a customer? By treating them right and giving them what they want. A retail POS system can help you do just that. By speeding up transactions your staff can spend more time on the floor interacting with customers. Plus, retail POS solutions can help you track shopping trends, allowing you to offer customers more of what they're interested in through incentive and loyalty programs, gift cards, and charge accounts.
  • Enhanced Security: With credit card data thieves coming up with ever more elaborate schemes all the time, you need to step up your game as well. Protect your business and your customers by running the most sophisticated anti credit card fraud software available today on your new retail POS system.
  • Stronger Profit Margins: All of this advanced functionality would be meaningless if it didn't help your business do what it's supposed to do: turn a profit. Retail point of sales software will help you to identify which items are selling (and which aren't), when your peak sales times are, where and how products should be displayed, and other important sales trends. Understanding these retail sales factors will also allow you to craft incentive and loyalty programs to keep customers coming back. You may even create new revenue streams by introducing point of sale advertising on the customer display screen.

Retail POS System Prices

Convinced that a point of sale system can help your business? Below are some sample retail POS system costs that will help you take the next step. To get your own custom price quote, fill out our request for quote form and we will connect you with retail POS system providers in your area.

  • Already have POS hardware? Then you'll need to add the software license, which will cost approximately $1,000 to $2,500 per user/station.
  • Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS) Software costs around $1,000.
  • QuickBooks POS Pro retail POS software costs roughly $1,250.
  • Wasp QuickStore POS Enterprise Edition costs approximately $2,000.
  • A complete POS Retail System costs anywhere from around $1,500 (for a single user/station) to $15,000+ (for multiple users/stations).
  • A single station POSMicro Retail POS System with software, 17" LCD monitor, and PC with keyboard and mouse costs about $1,400.
  • A refurbished, 2 station POS system might cost around $2,500. At this price you can expect (2) computers, (2) 15" touchscreen LCD monitors, (2) cash drawers, (2) thermal receipt printers, (2) laser bar code scanners, (2) magnetic card swipes, and more.
  • For approximately $5,500 you can purchase a single station grocery POS system. A package at this price might include an all-in-one touch screen PC, thermal receipt printer, in-counter scanner/scale with display, heavy-duty cash drawer, magnetic stripe reader, software, and more.
  • A 3 station retail POS system costs around $8,000. A system at this price might include (3) POS computers, (1) back office computer w/ 17" flat panel monitor, (3) 15" flat panel touchscreen LCD monitors, (3) cash drawers, (3) receipt printers, (3) scanners, (3) magnetic card swipes, software, full support, and more.
  • A 5 station retail POS system might cost around $12,500. At this price you can expect (5) of each of the following: computers, 15" touchscreen flat panel LCD monitors, cash drawers, thermal receipt printers, magnetic card swipe readers, and hand-held laser scanners, plus (1) back office computer and monitor.

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