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How Much Does Papaya Global International Payroll Service Cost?

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About Papaya #

Papaya Global is an online global payroll software solution that helps companies hire employees globally in just minutes. They make it fast and easy to manage your entire global workforce, including payroll, benefits, compliance, and tax reporting. With their cloud-based platform, you can reduce "go live" time to 2-3 weeks, while the industry standard is 6-12 months. Your new hires through Employer of Record can be transitioned to regular salary within one pay cycle. Papaya is not a domestic / regular payroll software. Companies in a single country who are not looking to hire across the world are not a match for Papaya.

Papaya’s Capabilities #

Papaya Global supports all 3 types of global employment options.

  • Global Payroll: Full payroll processing service for companies who have an entity, including third party payments (IRS), national insurance, pension schemes, etc., local tax filing assistance, customizable payroll ledgers.
  • Employer of Record: For clients without a physical presence in the location where they wish to employ. Papaya’s EoR serves as an official employer, handles all backend workforce management.
  • Global Contractor Management: End-to-End service for companies with 50+ contractors. Available as full, comprehensive contractor management or just approval & cross border payment process.

How Much Does Papaya Cost? #

  • Regular Payroll: $20 fixed rate per employee, per month.
  • Employee of Record: (where the company does not have an entity in the local country): $650 fixed rate per employee, per month.
  • Contractor Management: $25 per contractor, per month.

Papaya offers volume discounts. The more employees you hire, the less expensive your rate will be.

Payroll & Compliance #

  • In-house experts provide continuing advice on all issues relating to international expansion to guarantee businesses will be compliant with local laws.
  • Our partners (who are based in the local country and are specialists in the taxes, deductions, and withholdings necessary in that area) handle payroll.
  • Our platform's AI engine keeps an eye on the payroll data's accuracy and compliance with local laws, notably those pertaining to tax rates and social withholdings. Prior to the payroll being run, any inaccuracies are fixed.

Papaya's Platform #

Papaya's global payroll platform is SaaS based not requiring any on-premises installation. It offers the following functionality:

  • Automation: Papaya’s platform replaces manual global payroll processes with automated workflows. Automation is quicker, most cost-effective, and error-free.
  • Integration: The platform is compatible with all workforce management tools on the market. Integrates with all HRIS, ERP, VMS, Time and Attendance, or Expenses Management systems.
  • Standardization: The entire payroll process is streamlined into a single, consistent workflow in one language, one currency for calculations, while the system sends payments in the local currency and payslips in the local language.
  • Consolidation: The platform brings the entire global payroll operation together into a single data stream.
  • Business Intelligence Suite: Papaya’s analytics suite captures global payroll data and translates it into impactful business insights – in real time.
  • Data Security: Papaya’s platform is certified with ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, and holds audit reports with SOC 1, Type 2 and SOC 2, Type 2. It is also GDPR and ASC certified.

Papaya's Features #

Papaya has several features covering the full scope of global workforce management

  • Employee portal: The Papaya platform has a dedicated employee portal. The portal provides payslips, keeps track of PTO, and keeps employees updated on all important news.
  • Cross-border payments: Papaya offers payments coverage in 50 countries and money transfer licenses and payments in 180 countries.
  • Onboarding: Companies can onboard their global team guided by Papaya’s dedicated manager
  • HRIS: Companies can see all their employee data around the world from one pane

Papaya's Additional Services #

Papaya offers the following services in addition to its core payroll processing helps companies both to compete for top talent and move talent across the globe

  • Global Benefits: Papaya provides local non-mandatory benefits through our local partners. Our in-house benefits experts guide companies on the best types of plans for every location.
  • Global Equity: Papaya offers advice on global equity plans enabling companies to attract and maintain top global talent.
  • Global Immigration: Papaya has in-house global immigration experts who can advise on local immigration regulations and attaining VISAs

Is Papaya Right for My Company? #

Papaya Global may be a good fit for companies with the below situations:

  • Remote companies or companies that hire remote employees abroad.
  • Businesses planning to hire abroad but do not have an entity.
  • Global companies that want to consolidate their global payroll operations.
  • Businesses that want to manage contractors internationally.
  • Enterprise company looking upgrade payroll technology without replacing network of local partners.

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