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Deel Global Payroll Made Easy: Payroll, Compliance & More for Remote Teams

Last Updated: August 03, 2023

About Deel #

Deel is an awesome global payroll platform that's all about making life easier for businesses with remote teams all around the world. They have an amazing system that takes care of payroll, compliance, and other admin stuff for remote workers and contractors.

You know how hiring and paying people in different countries can be a real headache, right? Well, Deel's got your back! They make sure you're following all the local laws and tax rules, so you don't have to stress about it.

And get this - they've got multiple payout options, so your team members can get paid in their preferred currency and through different payment methods. No more fussing around with complicated international payments!

Plus, Deel helps you manage those independent contractors and freelancers too. They have contracts and other important docs all sorted out for you.

With Deel, you can easily track your team's time and handle invoicing and payments based on the work they've done. It's a total game-changer!

Oh, and they play nice with other tools you might be using - like those project management apps we all love. So, everything stays in sync and super organized.

Tax stuff? Don't worry about it! Deel takes care of tax withholding and reporting for your global team. No more late-night tax headaches!

How Does Global Payroll Work? #

Curious about how global payroll works? Let's break it down for you in a friendly way:

1. Employee Info: Companies gather important details from their international employees, like working hours, salaries, and benefits.

2. Local Compliance: Each country has its own payroll rules and tax laws, and global payroll providers stay on top of all these to keep things legit.

3. Currency Magic: Since employees might get paid in different currencies, the global payroll system handles the conversions so everyone gets paid accurately.

4. Payroll Processing: The payroll provider does its magic, crunching numbers for all employees, including salaries, deductions, taxes, and any cool perks.

5. Taxes Handled: Payroll pros calculate and handle tax withholdings based on each country's rules. They even take care of tax reporting for the local authorities.

6. Payment Flexibility: Employees get paid in ways that suit them best, whether it's direct deposit, bank transfer, or whatever they prefer locally.

7. Stay Updated: Payroll wizards keep their eyes peeled for any changes in tax laws or labor regulations, making sure everything stays up to date.

8. Easy Peasy for Employees: Global payroll systems offer self-service portals so employees can access pay stubs, tax docs, and manage their info with ease.

  1. Smart Insights: Companies get handy reports and analytics on payroll costs, taxes, and more, so they can make informed decisions.

Teamwork with HR and Finance: Global payroll systems join forces with HR and finance systems, making data flow smooth and accurate.

Deel Payroll Pricing #

ServiceStarting Price
EOR - Hire Employees (100+ countries)$599/month
Global Payroll (100+ countries)Contact Sales for pricing
Deel HRStarting at free
ImmigrationContact Sales for pricing

What Do Customers Think About Deel Payroll? #

  1. User-Friendly Platform: Deel has won the hearts of many users with its super easy-to-use and intuitive platform. Managing your global workforce has never been this simple!

  2. Comprehensive Services: Say goodbye to headaches! Deel offers an all-in-one solution, taking care of payroll, contracts, HR administration, and compliance in multiple countries.

  3. Top-Notch Customer Support: Need a helping hand? Deel's customer support team is always ready to assist you with a smile, ensuring you have a smooth experience.

  4. Simplified Global Hiring: Hiring and paying international employees and contractors just got easier! With Deel, you can skip the hassle of setting up legal entities in each country.

  5. Compliance and Legal Expertise: Trust in Deel's local HR and legal experts who know the ins and outs of various countries' laws. Stay compliant and stress-free!

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Deel is one of the fastest-growing providers in the international payroll market. They provide simple and fast global payments with one automated platform. Ask questions, get pricing or request a free demo.