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How Much Does Office Water Delivery Really Cost?

Last Updated: October 17, 2023

Ashley Smith
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The little perks at the office make all the difference in quality of life and worker productivity. It really does make a difference to have that cleaner, better tasting cup of water. With so many known benefits, pure, great tasting water is an invaluable benefit to the workplace.

Bottled Water Delivery Service Pricing #

The cost of a bottled water delivery service can vary quite a bit depending on factors like:

  • 5-gallon bottles delivered monthly - $5 to $15 per month
  • Small bottled water cases (24 bottles) - $1 to $3 per bottle
  • Large bottled water bottles - $2 to $4 per 5-gallon bottle
  • Water dispenser rental - $10 to $30 per month
  • Water cooler purchase - $150 to $300 one-time

Many vendors offer monthly contracts with free delivery, dispenser rentals, and free bottled water coolers with certain order minimums. Overall, costs range quite a bit based on specific needs but are generally affordable as an office perk.

Top Water Delivery Companies & Pricing (Cooler Rental Included) #

CompanyCost per 5 GallonsCooler Rental
Crystal Springs$9.99/each$10/month
Nestle Pure Life$7.99/each$15/month
Sparkletts$11.99/5 gallons$20/month
Culligan$6.99/eachFrom $12/month
Poland Spring$9.99/eachIncluded
Mountain Valley$12/each$10/month

Real Water Delivery Experiences #

We interviewed people about their experiences with water delivery services and water cooler rental costs. Here are some example quotes:

"We rent a stand-up water cooler for our office that holds two 5-gallon jugs at a time. Our provider charges $6 per month for the rental fee, plus $5 for each 5-gallon jug delivered. With 2 jugs per month, it ends up being around $16 monthly for the water."

"I rented a countertop water dispenser from Culligan for $10 per month. They provide the bottles of water as part of a package deal for $29.99 monthly total. It's nice having the dispenser without a big upfront cost."

"For my small business, I purchased a used water cooler for $150 upfront. Now I just pay for bottle delivery as needed, which is much cheaper than leasing a unit. I go through about 4 five-gallon jugs per month at $6 each."

"At my company, we rented a high-end electric water dispenser for $20/month. With delivery fees for the 5-gallon water jugs, we spend around $120 per month to keep it stocked for our office."

"We have a bottom-loading water dispenser rented for $8 per month. With our weekly 5 gallon jug deliveries, we're spending around $60 monthly including rental and water costs."

"I was able to find a countertop water dispenser rental for only $5 per month from a local company. With my bi-weekly water deliveries, it comes out to $20 per month total."

"For our new office, we splurged on a $300 under-counter water filtration system. Even though it was expensive, it came with a free water dispenser rental. Now we just pay for inexpensive filter replacements."

"As a small startup, we couldn't afford much equipment. We found a company willing to rent us an older used water cooler for just $3 a month! With water delivery it's less than $15 monthly total."

"I negotiated a deal with Sparkletts where they provided the water dispenser unit free if we committed to a year of water deliveries. It has saved us over $100 versus leasing a cooler."

Bottled water is regulated as the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as packaged food and therefore must meet specific, strict labeling and safety standards.

Water Service Options #

A quality office water service is a relatively inexpensive luxury to have in office. There are two major options for water delivery services to consider:

Bottled water coolers

  • Water is processed at a plant where any harmful bacteria and other possible contaminants are removed.
  • Vendors provide you with a water cooler through which their jugs of bottled water are dispensed (hot/cold water capable).
  • The reservoir where the jug meets the cooler station requires cleaning every 3-6 months and it avoid spreading any additional germs by washing hands before replacing an empty jug with a new one.

Bottle-less water coolers or point of use cooler

  • The on-site water supply is tapped and filtered to remove pollutants.
  • Point-of-use water coolers eliminate deliveries of water bottles and other maintenance associated with bottled water services.
  • Bottle-less water coolers are making way as a, "greener", more environmentally friendly water service option. They don't use all of the plastic that other drinking water options do.

Additional Tips on Water Delivery Services #

Here are a few additional things to know about water delivery services:

  • Consider the convenience factor - Having water delivered regularly can save you time and effort versus stocking up on bottled water yourself. This may be worth extra costs for some.

  • Look for intro deals - Many companies offer discounted rates or free water cooler rental for new customers signing up for the first time. This can help lower initial costs.

  • Buy in bulk where possible - Delivery services often offer discounts for ordering larger volumes per delivery or opting for less frequent delivery. Larger office setups can benefit from bulk plans.

  • Compare total costs - When factoring in equipment rental, delivery fees, and water costs, compare the total monthly and annual spend between providers.

  • Ask about contracts - Some companies require long term contracts for equipment rental or delivery. Make sure you understand any minimum commitments.

  • Inquire about equipment - Find out who is responsible for maintenance and repairs if renting a water cooler long term.

  • Consider filtration - Some services offer purified or filtered water for an added cost. This may be beneficial for taste and health reasons.

  • Schedule consistent delivery - Having bottles delivered on a set schedule helps ensure you don't run out between deliveries.

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