Side Loader Forklift in a Warehouse
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Side Loader Forklift Price Comparison: Top Brands

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Summary: Side Loader Forklift Cost #

The cost of new side loader forklifts ranges from $30,000 to $100,000 or more. Used side loader forklifts are generally more budget-friendly, with prices starting from around $25,000 and going up to $90,000 or more.

Forklifts are a necessity across multiple industries, with a variety of styles and types designed for different applications and environments. Of all the different types of forklifts, side loaders are the heavy lifters, with various specifications among them.

It is important that you do the proper research on side loading forklifts to determine whether they are the right choice for your business.

How Much Does a Side Loader Forklift Cost? #

A variety of factors influence price, including vendor, area, size, capabilities, and whether you choose any accessories. The following estimates should help you budget.

Here are typical price ranges for new and used side loader forklifts:

New side loader forklifts

  • Small electric models (up to 4,000 lb capacity): $25,000 - $40,000

  • Mid-size diesel models (up to 15,000 lb capacity): $60,000 - $100,000

  • Large diesel models (up to 25,000 lb capacity): $80,000 - $150,000

Used side loader forklifts

  • Small electric models: $10,000 - $20,000

  • Mid-size diesel models: $20,000 - $60,000

  • Large diesel models: $30,000 - $100,000

Prices vary based on:

  • Capacity, lift height, battery vs. diesel
  • Brand, model, features
  • New vs used condition
  • Location, demand, options

Exact pricing requires getting quotes from dealers based on your specifications. Overall, side loader forklifts range from around $25,000 for a small new electric model up to $150,000+ for a large new high-capacity diesel unit.

Forklift ModelLift CapacityEngine TypeTire TypeFork LengthPrice Range
LTMA Machinery FTS30T Side Loader Forklift2.5 ton495BPG diesel enginePneumatic64"$21,000 - $23,000
Noelift TD30 Side Loader Forklift3 ton48V/400ah electric enginePolyurethane solidN/A (3-stage mast)$22,000 - $30,000
Combilift FDS50 Side Loader Forklift7 tonIsuzu 6GB1 diesel engineN/A (48" fork length)48"$60,000 - $80,000
LTMA Machinery FDS100 Side Loader Forklift10 tonLR6105G diesel enginePneumatic65"$85,000 - $105,000

Here is some additional pricing informtion for popular side lift forklift models:

Forklift ModelPrice Range
Combilift C-Series$30,000 to $70,000+
Bulmor Side Loaders$40,000 to $80,000+
Hubtex DQ Series$50,000 to $100,000+
Baumann GX Series$40,000 to $90,000+
Bulmor L-Series$40,000 to $80,000+
Aisle-Master ART20/25SHE$30,000 to $60,000+
Hyster S-Series$40,000 to $80,000+
Linde R-MATIC Series$40,000 to $90,000+
CAT Lift Trucks SC/SW Series$40,000 to $80,000+
Manitou MSI Series$40,000 to $90,000+

You'll save around 50 percent with a used side loader forklift. The main price variants are brand and hours of use.

Before purchasing used, request a live demonstration to determine whether the machine is in proper working order. note: Need a forklift at an affordable price? Fill out the 30 second questionnaire below and our forklift partners will send you free price quotes.

Side Loader Forklift Owners on Prices Paid #

We interviewed several side loader forklift owners to learn what they paid. Here is what they told us:

Our loading dock upgraded to a new 18,000 lb capacity Yale MO20E electric side loader forklift last year for $112,000. A huge investment but it has made truck loading incredibly efficient.

We bought a used 6,000 lb capacity Caterpillar TH414C diesel side loader with under 2,000 hours for $32,000 at an online auction. Had it inspected first and it's worked reliably for the past year.

I purchased a new small electric 2,500 lb capacity Nissan ZSE025F side shifter forklift for my narrow warehouse aisles. With the side battery removal it was around $31,000.

We run a high volume distribution center and needed big side loaders. We paid $142,000 each for two new 20,000 lb capacity Hyster S450HMs last month.

I found a used 4,000 lb capacity Toyota 8FBMST20 side shifter for $19,000 from a dealer. It's been a workhorse side loader for our price.

Types of Side Loaders #

Unlike traditional forklifts, the forks on a side loader are perpendicular to the lift's drive direction, which allows this type of forklift to be operated easily in narrow spaces. Not only are the forks themselves perpendicular to the drive direction of the forklift, they extend and retract perpendicularly as well.

Side loader forklifts come in a variety of fuel and mechanical types, each with its own particular advantages based on the environment you work in. For example, you likely do not want an electric powered unit if your job site does not have easy access to electricity.

And, you may not want a fuel-powered unit if working in an enclosed space, as the fumes may be dangerous.

There are three main types of side loader forklifts:

Combination Side Loader: This type combines features of a counterbalance forklift and a reach truck. It picks up loads with forks and can move in any direction by turning its wheels.

Standard Side Loader: These forklifts have forks perpendicular to the drive direction, allowing them to extend and retract in the same direction.

Front Side Loader: The forks face forward, but the mast can move 90 degrees, providing side loading capabilities. Front side loaders are versatile for both standard and side load applications.

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