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How Much Does a Rough Terrain Forklift Cost?

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The trail isn't always smooth. Such is life. When life comes at you with rough terrain you've got to come back at it with a rough terrain vehicle. In the forklift world, we've got just the thing for that.

The rough terrain forklift, also known as an "all-terrain forklift", is a bigger, meaner, beefier version of the standard forklift. It's like a factory forklift on steroids. It's got more power, more torque, and a giant set of tires to go along with it. These lift trucks look more like tractors than they do forklifts. All terrain forklifts are made to go all the places a tractor can. The major difference is they have forklifts on the front instead of a bucket. It's the preferred forklift truck for construction sites, ranches, and farms.

The first rough terrain forklift was invented in 1946. It could lift about 1,000 pounds to a mere height of 30 inches. By the mid-nineteen fifties these forklifts were lifting 2,500 pounds at capacity and lifting the load up to 30 feet. Today's trucks dwarf those numbers with epic lifting power.

Rough Terrain Forklifts Prices #

There's naturally an added cost with all of the added bulk, power, traction, and capabilities of a rough terrain forklift. They can be purchased for as little as $20,000 and can cost upwards of $100,000 for a nice, new unit. Below we have provided some sample prices for rough terrain forkifts.

  • A new 6000LB Mast Explorer Diesel powered with Pneumatic tires runs about $36,000.
  • A used 2006 Genie Rough Terrain Forklift will cost around $44,000 to buy.
  • A used Hyster 80c Dually with 3 speed transmission and dual drive wheels will cost around $6,500.
  • $40,000 for a used 1996 JCB Loadall Tele-Fork Lift.
  • A 1996 Case Rough Terrain Forklift will run around $20,000.

Additional Considerations #

The purchase price isn't the only higher cost associated with these machines. Some of rough terrain machines are twice the size of a standard forklift. They cost more money to repair. The parts cost more. Not only that. The fuel costs are going to be high as well. You need to pump a serious amount of fuel into these things.

The tires are a large expense in themselves. These are not small flat tires that are used for warehouse forklifts. They are giant, pneumatic tires. Each one is the size of a small car. They have deep tread for traction control.

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