Multiple Linde Forklifts in a Warehouse
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Maximize Your Budget with Our Linde Forklift Cost Guide

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Linde Forklift was founded in 1904 in Munich, Germany. Over the last century they acquired a few major manufacturers of forklifts and other large equipment. Fast-forward to 2007; Linde reached a landmark by producing their five hundred thousandth forklift. Reaching one million is only a matter of time for this great manufacturer.

With Linde, it's all about the famous German engineering that makes them who they are. Their claim to fame is their hydrostatic drive. It's a unique system that Linde says improves efficiency and allows for more precise control of the vehicle. The hydrostatic drive is used in some of their lift trucks. It is hugely popular in their construction, forest, and farming equipment as well.

Below are the benefits of Linde's Hydrostatic Drive:

  • No Brakes
  • No Transmission
  • Engine runs at Lower RPMs
  • Longer Tire Life

The longer tire life is directly related to the fact there are no brakes. It's worth mentioning separately since tires can be such a large expense.

New Linde Forklift Cost #

Expect to pay $35,000 to $50,000 and up for a brand new Linde forklift.

Sample Used Linde Forklift Prices #

2014unknown7000LB CAPACITY 3 STAGE MAST$32,950
2016unknown11000LB CAPACITY 2 STAGE MAST$35,950
2002unknown17500LB CAPACITY 2 STAGE MAST$42,950
20178,15017,500 lb CAPACITY - DIESEL$69,900

Video: More Safety Thanks to Artificial Intelligence – Linde Reverse AssistTM camera #

Watch this video to learn about Linde's new safety feature that detects people in real time.

Benefits of Linde Forklifts #

Linde is a well-known brand in the forklift industry, and its products are generally highly rated by customers and experts. Linde forklifts are known for their durability, reliability, and efficiency, and they are used in a wide range of industries and applications. Some of the most commonly cited benefits of Linde forklifts include:

  • Comfortable operator controls
  • Smooth operation
  • Easy maintenance

Additionally, many customers report that Linde forklifts are a good value for the price, offering a good balance of performance and cost. Overall, Linde is a highly respected brand in the forklift industry and its products are well-regarded by those who use them.

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