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How Much Does a Komatsu Forklift Cost?

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Komatsu forklifts began in 1921. They built some of the first heavy equipment ever built in Japan! In 1976, they established Komatsu Forklift U.S.A. to meet with the growing demand for forklifts on the North American continent. Today, the manufacturing facility in Covington, Georgia, supplies forklifts to the USA, Canada, and all of South America.

Komatsu Forklift Prices #

A giant Komatsu FD80 can be purchased for under $20,000 if the model year precedes 2000. This is the type of machine you'll need if you want a high load capacity. This model boasts a load capacity of over 10,000 pounds. It will have some age on it but you're going to need a big lift truck like this if you've got heavy inventory.

Downgrading even a little from the FD80 to the FD40-4 will save you a lot of money. This particular unit has a load capacity of 8,000 pounds; still ample for most jobs! You can find a diesel unit like this with about 5,000 running hours for under $10,000.

If you're looking to just "get in" to a cheap Komatsu forklift truck, you can find an old Komatsu FG18 with a load capacity of less than 3,500 lbs. It may be from the early 1990s or the late 1980s. $5,500 is the cost for a running unit that will do the job, so long as the job doesn't require lifting heavy loads and looking good. A unit like this may have some wear and tear.

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